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Organisation: Department of Information Technology & Communication
Facility : Know your EID and UID/ UID Get Aadhaar/ Check Enrolment Status/Search Enrollment Center
Applicable State : Rajasthan
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Rajasthan Aadhaar Online Services

Aadhaar is a 12 digit individual identification number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India on behalf of the Government of India.

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This number will serve as a proof of identity and address, anywhere in India.Any individual, irrespective of age and gender, who is a resident in India and satisfies the verification process laid down by the UIDAI can enrol for Aadhaar.

Know your EID and UID

1. Know your Enrollment Number Providing Aadhaar Number :
Go to the official website click on Aadhar services option in main menu click on the know your EID number option in drop down list

Steps :
1. Enter your UID number
2. Enter Captcha code shown above
3. Click on Verify button.

Verify Your Email or Mobile Number

1. Enter Your Aadhaar Number [2548796354123]
2. Enter 12 Digit UID (1234/1234/1234)
3. Enter Your Email Address []
4. Enter Your Mobile number [9876543210]
5. Enter Security Code [7144]
6. Click on Get OTP button.

Retrieve your Lost EID/UID

Select UID/EID [Aadhaar Number (UID)/Enrolment Number (EID]

Personal Detail :
1. Enter Your Full Name [Jegan] Enter Your Full name as registered in your Aadhaar
2. Enter Your Email []
3. Enter Your Mobile Number [9876543210.]
4. Enter Your Security Code [4144]
5. Click on Send OTP button.

Note :
For RISL (Aadhaar) machine registration mail your AMMYY ID, Machine no with mobile no of the operator at pec.rajasthan [AT] or contact on – 0141-5153222 (ex. 21350).

Check Enrollment Status

Go to the home page click on Aadhaar enrollment tab in main menu.then click on the enrollment status option in drop down list.
Steps :
1. Enter Your Enrollment ID – EID (1234/12345/12345)
2. Enter Date/Time (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss)
3. Enter Security Code
4. Click on check status option

Locate Enrolment Center

You can get yourself enrolled anywhere in India. Locate nearby Aadhaar Enrolment Center of your convenience.

** In order to enrol for Aadhaar for yourself or for your family member, you will be required to visit an Aadhaar Enrolment Center. In case your Demographic details (Name, Address, DoB, Gender, Mobile Number, Email)is not up-to-date in your Aadhaar, you can get the same updated by visiting an Aadhaar Enrolment Center.

** Aadhaar holders children( who have turned 15) or others in need of updating Biometrcis details – Finger Prints, Iris & Photograph are required to visit an Enrolment center too. Please get valid Address proof documents.

Search for a nearest Enrolment centre by selecting any of the following given mode:

Search By State

Step 1 : Select Your State
Step 2 : Select Your District
Step 3 : Select Your Sub District
Step 4 : Select Your Village / City / Town
Step 5 : Tick box as Show only permanent centres
Step 6 : Enter Captcha Verification Type the charaters you see in the picture.
Step 7 : Click on Locate a centre button.

Search By Postal(PIN) Code

Step 1 : Postal (PIN) Code Please enter 6 digit Postal code.
Step 2 : Show only permanent centres
Step 3 : Captcha Verification Type the charaters you see in the picture.
Step 4 : Click on Locate a centre button.

Search By Search Box

Show Centres at Banks/Post Offices Only
Step 1 : Enter the locality name, city, district
Step 2 : Show only permanent centres
Step 3 : Captcha Verification Type the charaters you see in the picture.
Step 4 : Click on Locate ad centre button.

Aadhaar Update

** Update here refers to any changes as well as corrections, if required, in resident´s original Aadhaar letter.

** UIDAI provides three modes for Aadhaar Data Update. Know about the Modes of Updates & Types of Aadhaar Details that can be updated.
** Any resident with a registered mobile number can update their profile using this portal.

** Registered mobile number is mandatory to receive password for login.For other updates, please visit Permanent Enrollment Center.
** For Address to be updated, attach original scanned copies of supporting documents as per the Valid Documents List.

Request for Aadhaar Update

Update your Aadhaar data in 4 easy steps:
STEP 1: Login with Aadhaar
STEP 2: Select field(s) for update
STEP 3: Upload Document and
STEP 4: Select BPO Service Provide and submit request

Update Status :
Please enter your Aadhaar and URN or SRN to check status
Step 1 : Enter Your Aadhaar No.
Step 2 : Enter Your URN
Step 3 : Enter your SRN
Step 4 : Enter Captcha code shown below
Step 5 : Click on Get Status Button.

Check Update Status

If you already sent request to get your Aadhaar data update you can check the Update Status with the help of your Aadhaar and URN (Update Request Number ).

Keep your Aadhaar Address up-to-date :
Recently moved to a new city? Or have changed your residence? Do not forget to update your new address in your Aadhaar. You have Valid Address Proof or have received Address Validation Letter Letter (For those without Valid Address Proof), you can update your address by following either Option A or B.

A) With Valid Address Proof
1. Login with Aadhaar
2. Enter your Recent/Correct Address
3. Upload Documents
4. Submit Request & Save URN
B. With Address Validation
1. Login with Aadhaar
2. Enter Secret Code (received on letter)
3. Preview Address
4. Submit Request & Save URN

Before proceeding to Update Address :
Verify if your mobile number is registered in your Aadhaar. Registered Mobile number is essential to login with your Aadhaar.
Remember to keep scanned images of the document proof you are required to upload.
If not sure, do check the List of Valid Document proof you are required to submit.

Request for Address Validation Letter

Step 1 : Resident Initiates Request
1) Resident Logs in with Aadhaar
2) Enters Verifier Aadhaar
3) Get SRN

Step 2 : Address Verifier Consents
Address Verifier Receives OTP intimation & Link for consent in his/her mobile
1) Clicks on Link
2) Gives Consent

Step 3 : Resident Submits Request
Resident Receives confirmation of Verifier Consent on mobile)
1) Logs in with SRN
2) Preview Address
3) Edit Local Language (If requires)
4) Submit

The Address Validation letter for the Resident will be sent to the Address Verifier’s Address. After the resident receives the Address Validation Letter (via Post) the resident will be required to Login again and provide the Secret Code received by clicking on ‘Proceed to Update Address’ button above

Before proceeding to generate Address Validation Letter :
** Both resident and Address Lender/Verifier are required to have their mobile numbers registered in their respective Aadhaar.

** Both resident and Address Lender/Verifier will be required to get authenticated via OTP
** The Address Lender/Verifier must be willing to give his/her consent allowing the Resident to use his/her address to be updated in resident’s Aadhaar.

** Both Resident & Verifier are required to be in synch while the Request for Address Validation Letter is still in process.
** In case the Address Verifier misses giving consent within stipulated time the request will be invalid. The Resident will be required to initiate the process again.

Note :
** Only Address of the Aadhaar holder can be corrected/updated online.
** Resident will have to visit an Enrolment/Update Center to update their Biometric or other Demographic data i.e Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Relation, Mobile and Email.

Lock/Unlock Biometrics

This system will enable Resident to lock and temporarily unlock their biometrics. This is to protect privacy and confidentiality of Resident’s Biometrics Data.

Fingerprint and iris data used for authentication.

Enable/Disable Biometric Lock:
Aadhaar Biometric Locking System enables residents to lock & temporarily unlock their biometrics.

How to Unlock (locked)Biometrics:
Once resident enables Biometric Locking system their biometric remains locked till the Aadhaar Holder chose to:
1. Unlock it (which is temporary )or
2. Disable the Locking system

Note :
Registered Mobile Number is essential to avail this service. In case your mobile number is not registered with Aadhaar visit the nearest Enrolment Centre/Mobile Update End Point.

Steps :
Login using Aadhaar or VID :
You are required to login using your Aadhaar/VID to avail Biometric Lock system.
Step 1 : Enter UID/VID 12 Digit UID (1234/1234/1234) OR 16 Digit VID (1234/1234/1234/1234)
Step 2 : Enter Security Code
Step 3 : Click on Send OTP Button.

Aadhaar Linking

Aadhaar number holders can check if their Bank Accounts are linked to their Aadhaar number. Aadhaar Linking status is fetched from NPCI Server.
Under any circumstance, UIDAI shall not be responsible or liable for the correctness of the displayed status. Further, UIDAI is not storing any information fetched from NPCI server.

Steps :
Check your Aadhaar/VID and Bank Account Linking Status in NPCI mapper.
Step 1 : Enter UID/VID 12 Digit UID (1234/1234/1234) OR 16 Digit VID (1234/1234/1234/1234)
Step 2 : Enter Security Code
Step 3 : Click on Send OTP Button.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I contact UIDAI?
Please provide any contact number.
Department of Information Technology & Communication, Rajasthan,
Toll Free No UIDAI : 1800 300 1947, Rajasthan : 1800 180 6127

2. I Am Already For Enrollment 1050/08037/00552 But Not Found Adhaar And My Enrollment Receipt Get Lost. Please Tell Me About My Adhar Card Information?
To check the status you need enrollment id and Date/Time also.

3. My aadhar card is lost. How can I Get Duplicate?
Download your e-aadhar using Enrolment Id or Aadhaar in the below link.

4. I could not find my Aadhaar Card by post and I have lost my aadhaar Card Enrollment no. slip.
Give all these in the above link to know your enrolment number. Name, Gender, Mobile Number, Birth Year ,District, Pincode, Enrollment Month, Care of , Date of Birth

5. Who can get an Aadhaar ?
An individual who is a resident in India and satisfies the verification process laid down by the UIDAI can get an Aadhaar.

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