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Organisation : Department of Food,Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs
Facility : Apply for New Ration Card
State : Karnataka
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How To Apply For New Ration Card In Karnataka?

Application can be filed at any service kiosk located at Bangalore One/ Karnataka One/ Private franchises/ Janasnehi Kendra/ Grama Panachayath/ POS shops. This is an online System for applying for Ration Card and generating the Ration Card.

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Public can visit the Karnataka Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumers Affairs Website to generate Ration Card. Visit the dept. website using URL, and then select e-services menu.

Under e-Ration sub menu provision to application and generate the new ration card can be seen

Aadhar is mandatory to apply for new Ration Card. On opening the site, the Applicant is prompted to select the preferred language, “Kannada” or “English”.

Then, the Applicant is prompted to select the “New Ration Card Request” or “Edit Saved Request” options or Application Withdrawal. The Applicant can initiate a request for new Ration Card by selecting “New Ration Card Request”.

The Applicant has to select the Card Type applying for, Non-Priority Household (NPHH).

After the selecting the Non-Priority Household (NPHH) Card type, the Applicant is prompted to enter the Aadhar Number.

To apply for Priority Household (PHH) card you require Bio-metric device as Bio-verification is Mandatory.If you dont have Bio-metric device,visit nearest Photo Bio center to apply for new Priority Household (PHH) Ration card.

You will be asked to select about sharing of aadhaar number.
1. I herewith submit my Aadhaar number and voluntarily give my consent to share with Food and Revenue Dept details of Aadhaar/UID number issued by the UIDAI, Government of India for incorporating the same in the Ration Card details
2. I am not willing to share my Aadhaar/UID number issued by the UIDAI, Government of India with Food and Revenue dept for obtaining the Ration Card

Then select authentication type as either One Time Password (OTP) to Mobile registered with this Aadhaar or Finger Print Verification.

One Time Password (OTP) Authenication :
If the Applicant selects the One Time Password (OTP) to the Mobile Number registered with Aadhar authentication type, then an OTP SMS will be sent to the Mobile Number which has been registered with the Aadhar Number from the Department.

The Applicant has to enter the received OTP which is then verified. On successfull verification of OTP Aadhar details will be displayed.

Finger Print Authentication :
Capture finger print image for Bio Verification. Use single Finger for Bio-Verification. Enter the captcha and click on verify button

** Applicant and the family members to be added need to provide Aadhar based bio-metric authentication at the stage of filing application.
** For children below 5 years, bio-metric authentication is not required but aadhar card is mandatory.

If the Applicant feels that the Aadhar Details are correct, then the Applicant can click on the “Add” Button so that the Application is accepted and an Application Number is generated.

If suppose the Ration Card members already exists for the entered Aadhar Number, then the Applicant has delete duplicate members. Without deleting the duplicate Card members Applicant cannot apply for new Ration Card.

If the deleted Card member is the head of the family, then the Applicant has to assign the new Head of Family (HOF) and the relationship of other Members with the HOF. If female members greater than eighteen years of Age are the members of the existing Ration Card, then eldest female member should be selected as the HOF.

You will receive message from web page as ” Since deleted member is the Head of Family, Kindly assign the new HOF and relation of other members to HOF”.

After updating the relationship for all the members, the Application Number is generated as shown in below Screen using which the Applicant can edit the Application. The Applicant has to authenticate for editing the Application.

Note : Select the member in the check box and click “Delete/ Add again” button to delete. To add again uncheck it and click on “Delete/ Add again” button. Your application number is 123456789.

To add a deleted member again, unselect the deleted Member and click on “Delete/Add again” Button.

After the addition of members, the Applicant has to click on “Next Stage” Button. The following Screen appears prompting the Applicant to select the Address for the Ration Card and Mobile Number for receiving SMS from the Department

After selecting the Address for the Ration Card and the Mobile Number and clicking on the “Next Stage” Button, below Screen appears alerting the Applicant to which “District” and “Taluk” the Ration Card will be generated based on the selected Address. Here, the Applicant has to select the Shop from where the Ration shall be drawn

After the Applicant selects the Shop, based on the location (Urban/Rural) of the Shop, the Applicant is prompted to select the City (Urban location) and Ward Number and Name or Panchayat (Rural location) respectively.

The are type of your residential address at sl no (1) viz., Urban or Rural would be automatically selected, depending on the area in which the selected ration shop ie the ration shop selected at Sl. No (2) is located.

At sl no (2), you may choose any ration shop convenient to you in the city or rural area of the talux in which your residency is located. The chosen shop may not necessarily be within the ward or city/ Gp(rural) where your residence is located.

But thereafter at sl no(3), you are required to correctly choose the ward or city/ GP(rural) where your residence is located, as this is required for transferring your application for verification to the concerned ward/ GP official. Please carefully fill this information as wrong selection of ward/ GP may result in rejection of application.

The user has to select the eldest Member as the HOF and click on “Next Stage” Button.

Here, the relationship of the members with HOF has to be assigned by clicking on the “Select” Button for the members.

Then the Applicant is prompted to provide willingingness to draw Ration and whether requires the verified copy of the Ration card which will been printed on the prescribed stationery of the department which would be delivered through speed post to the selected address within 15 days.

The department would charge Rs.100 for this service and this amount would be required to be paid to the Postman who delivers the Ration card to your Address.

If the Applicant is willing to draw ration, then based on number of Members in the Application, the alloted ration and the rate for the ration is displayed as shown below Screenshots and then the proceed to speciemen copy of Ration Card.

If the Applicant feels that the details in the Speceimen copy is correct, then can proced to generate Ration Card by clicking on “Generate RC” Button.

This ration card is issued only for the purpose of drawing entitled quantity of Food grains from the Fair Price shop by by the card holder. The personal details of the card holder are based on self declaration of the card holder. The department of Food,Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs department does not certify the correctness of the particulars furnished.

You can print your ration card after generating the same by clicking print button.

General Instructions :
** No other document is required except the aadhar card.
** All the details i.e., Name, Photo, Age, Sex, Address, Mobile Number as appearing in the aadhar card of the applicant and his family members are copied automatically to the ration card application.
** At-least one member of the applicant’s family should have the current address of their residence entered correctly in the aadhar card.
** The mobile number to be provided should be registered in Aadhaar card.
** The applicant should correctly select his ward no in urban areas and should correctly select his Grama Panchayath in rural areas.
** The applicant can choose any fair price shop of his choice within his Taluk/City.
** All the family members should preferably go together. If they go separately, then application fee has to be given every time. Application fee Rs. 50/-
** The eldest female member of the household can only be selected as Head of the household as per the provisions of National Food Security Act-2013.
** The application is sent automatically to the concerned Ward/ Grama Panchayath official for verification through computer software.
** The concerned official visits the house of the applicant for verification and approves the ration card if the applicant is found eligible.
** The applicant is informed through SMS at various stages i.e., Advance intimation about date of visit of the official to his place of residence for verification of his application, Approval/Rejection of his application.
** Ration card is delivered to the doorstep of the applicant through Speed post within 15 days from the date of filing application under SAKALA.
** The applicant is required to pay Rs. 70/- to the post man.

How To View Ration Card Status?

You can view your ration card details using RC number.

Enter RC number and click go button.

How To View Cancelled/ Suspension List?

You can view the Cancelled/ Suspension List of ration cards for particular district.

Step 1 : Select your District
Step 2 : Select your Taluk
Step 3 : Select Month
Step 4 : Select Year
Step 5 : Click Go Button

You will get the cancellation list with details like RC Number, Name, Cancelled/ Suspended Date & Cancel/ Suspend Reason.

SMS Services

SMS Format : RCMOB – RCMOB<SPACE>Ration Card No
Purpose : Through SMS, EPIC and Aadhar No. could be linked with your Ration card.To avail this service Mobile No has to be registered against your Ration card No. For this purpose “RCMOB” SMS service has been used.
Example : RCMOB BLWIxxxxx123

Purpose : To link EPIC No. against the Ration card send EPIC No with “RCEPIC” from the mobile No. registered through “RCMOB”.
Example : RCEPIC 121.

SMS Format : RCUID – RCUID<SPACE>Aadhar No.
Purpose : To link Aadhar No. against the Ration card send Aadhar No with “RCUID” from the mobile No. registered through “RCMOB”.
Example : RCUID 123456789000

SMS Format : RCALOT – RCALOT<SPACE>Ration card No.
Purpose : To get details of allotment of Ration for their card, public can send their Ration card No with “RCALOT”
Example : RCALOT BLWIxxxxx123

SMS Format : RCSHOP – RCSHOP<SPACE>Ration card No.
Purpose : To get the status and details like card type of Ration card ,public can send their Ration card No with “RCSTAT”
Example : RCSHOP BLWIxxxxx123

SMS Format : RCSTAT – RCSTAT<SPACE>Ration card No.
Purpose : To get the status and details like card type of Ration card ,public can send their Ration card No with “RCSTAT”
Example : RCSTAT BLWIxxxxx123

SMS Format : RCREN – RCREN<SPACE>Ration card No.
Purpose : To Renew their Ration card, Urban Ration card holder has to send their Ration card No. with “RCREN”.In turn, Acknowledgement No. with security code has been sent back to the same. With this Acknowledgement No. , security code , Mobile No and Ration card No. , public can raise their request in Photo Bio center.
Example : RCREN BLWIxxxxx123

Public Grievance & Rewards

You can lodge grievance on public grievance redressal system.

You are required to enter the following fields.
Step 1 : Enter Your Name
Step 2 : Select sex
Step 3 : Enter your Address
Step 4 : Enter your Mobile No
91+STD Code-without ‘0’ prefix+Tel.No eg :911123367688
Step 5 : Select Complaint Subject
Categories of complaints will be listed.
Step 6 : Select Complaint Category

Step 7 : Select Complaint Submitted to whom
Step 8 : Select District
Step 9 : Select Officer
Step 10 : Please enter Grievance Description upto (4000) characters
Step 11 : Upload documents if any
Step 12 : Type the characters you see in the picture
Step 13 : Click Submit Button

Status of Grievance :
You can also check the status of Grievance applied for your concern

Step 1 : Enter your Ack No
Step 2 : Enter Ack.Date
Step 3 : Type the characters you see in the picture
Step 4 : Click process Button

Answered Questions

What are all the documents required for applying new ration card?
List Of Documents As Photo Id Proof :
(Any One Of The Document To Be Scanned And Uploaded) :
** Voters Identity Card
** Adhar Card (Uid)
** Valid Passport
** Pan Card
** Driving Licence
** Lpg Consumer Book With Photo
** Active Bank Passbook With Attested Photo Issued By National,Scheduled Banks, Post Offices And Kissan Passbook.

Please let me know whether the voter ID is must to apply new ration card.
Any of the documents like voter card, aadhaar card, VALID PASSPORT, PAN CARD, DRIVING LICENCE etc can be scanned and uploaded

I did not give my mobile number during registration of ration card. Will it cause any problem?
The mobile number to be provided should be registered in Aadhar card. If it is not done already, then at-least one family member’s mobile should be registered in aadhar. But providing mobile number is not mandatory.

Let me know if I can link aadhaar number with ration card through SMS.
Through SMS, EPIC and Aadhar No. could be linked with your Ration card.To avail this service Mobile No has to be registered against your Ration card No. For this purpose “RCMOB” SMS service has been used.
RCMOB BLWIxxxxx123

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