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Axis Mutual Fund Account Statement :

Organisation : Axis Mutual Fund
Service Name : Account Statement
Applicable For : Axis MF Account Holders
Website :

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What is Axis Mutual Fund Account Statement?

The industry issues a consolidated account statement across fund houses once a month. However one is free to request for an account statement with each fund house that will reflect just holdings in the schemes managed by that fund house. There are charges levied for requesting an account statement.

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Now Axis Mutual Fund MF account holders can get their account statement Online

An account statement reflects your holding in your scheme. An account statement will reflect the following:
** Scheme you have invested in
** The amount you invested, the purchase price and the units you were allotted
** Other details like Bank details, mailing and contact details, nominee details etc.

How To View Axis Mutual Fund Account Statement?

Enter your Folio Number or PAN Number and get your Axis mutual fund account statement mailed to your email id registered with us

Step-1 : Go to the link
Step-2 : Enter your Folio Number or PAN Number
Step-3 : Pick a Timeframe
Step-4 : Click on “Email Statement” button

FAQs On Axis Mutual Fund Account Statement

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) On Axis Mutual Fund Account Statement

When will one receive the consolidated account statement?
A consolidated account statement will be sent either on or before the tenth day of succeeding month, detailing all the transactions and holding at the end of the month including transaction charges paid to the distributor, across all schemes of all mutual funds and to those investors in whose folios transaction has taken place during that month.

What will be the basis for consolidation of folios to be considered for CAS?
As per amendment to SEBI regulations, the asset management company shall identify common investors across fund houses by their permanent account number (PAN) for the purposes of sending consolidated account statement.

Consequently, only those folios that have:
a)Financial transactions in a month,
b)Identical holders and
c)All unit holders are KYC compliant will be considered and consolidated while issuing a consolidated account statement.

Which folios will be included or consolidated in CAS? Whether all the folios will be reflected in the monthly CAS?
A monthly CAS will include only those folios in which financial transactions have taken place during the month, provided the folios have valid PAN numbers available for all the unit holders.

For example, if an investor has three folios and transacts in only two folios in a month, the CAS for the month will include only the two folios and not the third folio.

What happens if there are no financial transactions in a particular folio for the month?
CAS will include only the folios with financial transactions and hence these folios will not reflect in the statement.

Which financial transactions will be included in CAS?
CAS will include all types of financial transactions like purchase including NFOs, redemption including maturity, switches, systematic transactions like SIP, SWP, STP etc. dividend payouts or reinvestments, merger, bonus transactions etc.

Please note that non-financial transactions like updating of addresses, bank details, nominee registration etc. will not be included as confirmation for these will be sent separately by individual AMCs.

I hold units in dematerialized mode. Will I get a CAS?
Transactions under dematerialized mode will not be included as investors should check their dematerialized account statement for the same.

What if there are no transactions in a folio for a long period?
CAS for folios that do not have a financial transaction in a half-year period ending September or March will be sent in the following month detailing the holding at the end of six months.

Will minor folios be considered for consolidation?
No. Minor folios will not be considered for consolidation as different folios of same minor may have different guardians in different mutual funds and it will be inappropriate to consolidate on the basis of PAN of the guardian.

Will a statement be sent in case of folios like Micro SIP folios, or where the PAN is not valid, since such folios will not be included in CAS?
Yes. Regular standard statement will be sent to the account holders individually by each asset management company as per their practice. Generally this may be sent on a monthly basis.

What details of the investor will be included in CAS?
Apart from details of financial transactions, opening and closing unit balances in each folio, CAS will also reflect the email id registered, nominee registration status, mode of holding, KYC status, ISIN and UCC for each folio and scheme.

What details of the investor will not be provided in CAS?
Apart from non-financial transactions, sensitive information like registered bank account details, PAN and contact numbers will not be included in CAS. Mobile number will be provided however will be masked to maintain for confidentiality and privacy.

How will CAS be sent? Will it be sent via email?
Currently CAS will be sent by regular post, even if an email id is registered in any or all folios. In the near future, CAS may be sent via email using any of the email id registered in any of the folios.

Hence, we strongly advise investors to verify their email ids (registered in each folio and also printed in CAS against each folio) and update a single email id across all folios.


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