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How To Check MCD Delhi Community Hall Availability Status?

Go to the link of Availability Status of Community Hall available in the MCD Delhi home page.

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Select your zone & click submit button.

Select hall name & click Get Availability Status button.

Availability of selected hall will be as shown below.

Booking Status :
Click booking status link available under status tab. Enter Booking ID & click submit button

FAQs On Community Hall Booking

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Community Hall Booking

1. Who can book a Community Hall?
Citizens can book a Hall for marriages, other social and cultural activities, free Hall Booking for Widows Daughters/orphans, Govt Purpose. In respect of Social and Religious Purposes, the organizing committee of the function can book a Hall

2. For how many days can a booking be made?
A Hall can be booked for half day (3 hours) or for a maximum period of two days, treated as General Booking. If booking is for more than two days, then it is treated as Special Category.

3. Where to make a booking?
General Bookings can be made at CSB centers of the respective zones.
All the concessional bookings (such as bookings by SDMC Staff/Retired SDMC Staff/Dependents of Deceased SDMC Staff, bookings for conducting religious functions and rasam pagri and condolence meetings) will be done at CSB West Zone after a prior permission from Director of Community Services Department .

Non-concessional Special Bookings (booking for more than 2 days) will be done at respective Zonal Office (Community Service Department) of the respective zones after a prior permission from Director of Community Services Department.

The respective booking charges shall be paid at CSB within 24 hours from the date and time of booking. If failed, the booking will be cancelled automatically.

4. When can a booking be made?
Community Halls can be booked one year in advance except for the religious functions.
Booking for religious functions are allowed in advance of max 30 days only.
The Booking Charges will depend on the advance period of booking.

The booking charges for each Hall published on home page are for one day and applicable if the booking is made within three months prior to the date of function. If any body wants the booking to be made much in advance i.e. 3 months to one year from the date of function, then the booking charges will be
(i) If made within 3-6 months in advance – Double of the booking charges.
(ii) If made within 6-9 months in advance – Three times of the booking charges.
(iii) If made within 9-12 months in advance – Four times of the booking charges.

5. When can a Hall be occupied?
At 8.00 AM on the day for which the Community Hall was booked.

6. When to Vacate Community Hall?
Check out time is 8.00 A.M. on the day next to the day for which the Community Hall was booked.

7. What are the amounts to be paid for booking a Hall?
The community halls are categorized into A, B, C, D, E categories and the charges are depending on the category of the hall

8. Whether postponement/advancement of booking possible?
The day/date a Hall booked cannot be postponed. Any request for postponement / advancement of booking is treated as cancellation of original booking and a fresh booking being made.

How to claim the Refund?
** The application along with G8 Receipt issued at the time of booking needs to be submitted in the Office of the Zonal Asstt. Director, CSD.

** The security deposit will be refunded only after the event is over on production of no damage certificate from Incharge/Chowkidar of the Community Hall (* not applicable in case of cancellation of booking).

** In case of damage the booking party either get it repaired or the security deposit will be forfeited (* not applicable in case of cancellation of booking).
** The draft deposited by the applicant towards security deposit will be refunded by the Zonal Assistant Director (CSD) of the concerned zone within 7 days of the closure of the function.

In case of cancellations, Hall Rent (as applicable) and Security Deposit will be refunded. Tent License Fees will not be refunded

Closed Community Halls

S No. Community Hall Address
1 South Extn. Part-II(Only open Ground) Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
2 Krishna Market Lajpat Nagarv(Only Ground ) Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
3 Amar Colony Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
4 Begum pur Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
5 Malviya Nagar Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
6 Green Park Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
7 Mochi Bagh Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
8 Katwaria Saria Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
9 Hamaun pur Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
10 Ber Sarai Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
11 Tigri J J Colony Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
12 Dakshin Puri K-Block Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
13 Madan Gir Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
14 D.T.C.Colony Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
15 Mangala puri Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
16 A Block Jwala puri Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
17 Tagore Garden Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
18 Vishnu Garden Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
19 Hari Nagar L Block Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
20 Subhash Nagar Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
21 Karam Pura H block (Under Construction) Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
22 Nangal Raya Village Najafgarh Road Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
23 Tihar Village Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
24 Hastal A Block Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
25 Hastal B Block Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
26 Nangli Zalib Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
27 Khayala Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
28 Raghubir Nagar Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
29 Madi pur A block Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
30 Madi pur E Block Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
31 Hall at J-Block, Rajouri Garden (Ground Floor) Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
33 L-Block, Hari Nagar GF(Anand Vihar, Main Road) Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
34 A-Block, Janakpuri (GF only) Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
35 Mehar Chand Market (GF with Maznine Floor) Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
36 Community Hall at MadanPur Khadar ,JJ Colony Phase-I Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A
37 Community Hall at MadanPur Khadar , JJ Colony Phase-II(GF Only) Plot: N/A ,Street:N/A
Colony:N/A ,Ward:N/A

How To Check Park Availability Status?

Go to the link of Park Availability Status as shown below

You will be asked to select your respective zone. Then click on submit button.

List of parks and its details will be displayed with booking rate. Select the park you would like to check the status. Then click on ‘Get Availability’ Button.

Park details will be displayed briefly with availability details, whether it is booked or blocked & Past/ Expired Dates.

Park booking is allowed only 10 days in a month

How To File Property Tax?

Click Online Filing of Property Tax Returns available in the home page to file your tax.

Property Tax 2017-18 :
** File Your PTR Online / at any authorized ITZ Cash Outlets.
** Calculate Your Property Tax online
** Print Your Property Tax Statement / Challan
** Pay Your Property Tax in Banks (or) through credit cards (or) ITZ Cash Outlets.
** Check all the details before making Payment.

Accept Terms & conditions and click “Click Here to file Property Tax 2017-18”.

You can select 2 options
1. Property Id for property Tax paid in 2014-15
2. Other Year Property Id

Enter your property Id and click submit button. You can find Property ID on your previous Property Tax Challan /Property Tax Receipts

*SDMC has allotted UPIC based on 2014-2015 Property ID. Kindly file your return using Property ID of 2014-15.
*If you have filed online PTR in any previous year please do not file as a “First Time Online Tax Payer”

If you are a 1st time online tax payer register to file your return.

Recommended To Use IE7.0 or Above / Mozilla Firefox. Browser Must Have JavaScript Enabled To Use This Site

Step 1 : Enter Ledger Folio Number (Max length 12 chars)
Step 2 : Select Type of Ownership
Step 3 : Select Type of Property
Step 4 : Enter Owner Name
Step 5 : Select Gender
Step 6 : Enter Age (as on 30th Jun 2017)
Step 7 : Select Occupants
Step 8 : Enter Colony
Step 9 : Enter Property/House No
(Pl Mention Block or Pkt or sub colony also .. i.e. Block-4/24 )
Step 10 : Enter Address
Step 11 : Enter Mobile No

Step 12 : Select Floor No
Step 13 : Enter Covered Area
Step 14 : Select Use Factor
Step 15 : Select Structure Factor
Step 16 : Select Occupancy Factor
Step 17 : Select Year of Construction
Step 18 : Accept the Declaration
Step 19 : Click Submit Button

Note :- The annual value is subjected to the variation on implementation of the recommendation on the MVC-III, tax payer would be liable to pay difference in tax on the revised annual value on its implementation
Please Verify & Confirm Your Entry Details Before Click On Submit Button
You Have To Contact Concerned Officials For Any Changes In Your Property Details Here After

Answered Questions

How much is the amount charged for renewal of permit? I am blind person. Please let me know.
Permit Renewal Fee – Annual Renewal Fee will be as Annual Permit Charges (as mentioned in the table 4). For every three years, 10% will be increased on the last annual permit fee. War Widows and PCO Booths of Handicapped Persons are exempted from the increase of the renewal charges.

Transaction Charges – These charges will be collected for approved applications and the charges will be depending on the size of transaction.
Rs. 5/- for the transactions upto Rs. 500-00
Rs. 10/- for the transactions above Rs. 500-00 and below Rs.1,00,000-00
Rs. 100/- for the transactions above Rs.1,00,000/-

When can I book the hall or check the status availability of halls in east Delhi?
Community Halls can be booked one year in advance except for the religious functions. Booking for religious functions are allowed in advance of max 30 days only.

What are the categories of community hall?
The community halls are categorized into A, B, C, D, E categories and the charges are depending on the category of the hall.
The amounts for the following are to be paid at CSB at the time of booking.
** Hall Rent
** Security Deposit
** Tent License Fee (TLF)
** Transaction fee

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