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Embassy of India Apply Passport & Track Application Status :

Organization : Embassy of India
Facility : Apply & Track Passport Application Status
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How To Apply For Indian Passport In USA?

The Consulate General of the United States of America Chennai represents the interests of the United States government in Chennai, India and surrounding regions. The consulate reports to the ambassador at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi.

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CKGS has been awarded the Indian Passport Application Services for the Embassy of India and its Consulates in USA with effect 5 May, 2016.

Important Notice :
** The Embassy of India, Washington D.C has informed that, due to upgradation in the system Passport Processing time for Washington DC may take 4-6 weeks or more. We seek your understanding and regret the inconvenience.

** The Consulate General of San Francisco has informed that, due to technical upgrades some delay is anticipated in extending emergency passport service from San Francisco. We hope to resolve the issue and resume regular service as soon as possible.

For USA applicants, the CKGS Passport website has been customized so that the website, documents, forms and letters requirements are as per the instructions of the Embassy and the Consulates of India in USA.

The rules on our website will identify your passport category, type, duration, fees and help avoid errors. Further to assist you, many forms and letters that have repetitive information will get auto populated and you only have to fill in the missing fields.

You will be directed from the CKGS website at the appropriate step to the Government of India website to fill your online passport form.

Passport Application

Passport Application – Get Started. Click on ‘PASSPORT Application – Get Started’ to begin your passport application process.Keep the following details handy before you fill your form

Adult :
** Recent Original Indian Passport (If Passport is lost and details are not available then contact EOI / Consulate as per your jurisdiction)
** US Legal Status details

Minor :
** Recent Original Indian Passport (In case of renewal)
** Parents Passport
** US Legal Status details

Fill in the widget

The widget contains questions which will :
** Guide you as to whether you are eligible for a Passport
** Help you autofill the forms if you are eligible

Document Checklist

You will get the following information :
** Document Checklist – Read the document checklist carefully which

** lists the documents, forms, letters, whether originals / or copies are required and whether they have to be self-attested or notarized and the number of documents needed to complete your Passport application before submission.

** Passport fees
** Processing Time
** Temporary Number – This will be the number that one can use on the
** CKGS website in case you want to apply later or get disconnected. Do remember to write down this number.

Application Form

Complete the Forms and Letters :
** You are required to fill and sign supplementary forms and letters.
** Where possible we have autofilled the fields. You have to only fill the pending blanks.
** Some forms and letters have to be self-attested or notarized and we have indicated the same.

** Enclose 1 copy of the filled in Document Checklist in your package.
** Review and check the filled forms and letters.
** Print the forms from the ‘My Account’ page.
** Sign the forms / letters where indicated.

** Check which documents are copies and have to be self-attested or notarized and accordingly get that done.
** Print the document checklist and tick the boxes.

1. Select Type of Application Normal/Tatkal
2. Enter Which state do you live in?
3. Enter This is the center where you need to submit your application
4. Are you applying as Adult / Minor (below 15 years) / Minor (15 to 18 years)
5. Have you ever applied for Asylum? Yes/No
6. Please state your Marital status Married/Unmarried/Divorced/Spouse deceased

Select Your Services :
1. Choose Your Passport Booklet Type – Ordinary Booklet – 36 pages/ Jumbo Booklet – 60 pages
2. Choose Your Passport Service
2.1 Reissue Of Passport – Passport pages exhausted OR Passport Already Expired OR Passport going to Expire
2.2 Type Of Passport – Handwritten Passport to Machine Readable Passport
2.3 New Passport In Lieu Of – Lost/Damaged
2.4 None Of The Above

Choose Your Miscellaneous Service :
OR if you do not want these services, select No
Do you want to Change your Address? Yes
Do you want to Change your Date of birth? Yes
Do you want to Change your Place of birth? Yes
Do you want to Change your Name? Yes
Do you want to Split your Name? Yes
Correction of Spelling in parents name? Yes

Applicant Details :
1. Enter Given Name – (As on Current Indian Passport)
2. Enter Surname (Last Name) (As on Current Indian Passport)
3. Select Gender Male/ Female
4. Enter Place of Birth (As on current Indian Passport)
5. Enter Date of Birth (As on current Indian Passport)
6. Enter Current Indian Passport Number
7. Enter Passport Issue Date
8. Enter Passport Expiry Date
9. Enter Passport Place of Issue (As on Current Indian Passport)
10. Select Proof of legal Status in USA Yes/ No/ Pending Approval at USCIS
11. Has your appearance changed as compared to photograph on Current Indian Passport? Yes /No
12. Has your signature changed as compared to signature on Current Indian Passport? Yes/ No
13. Are any criminal proceedings pending against you in any court in India or in the USA? Yes/ No
14. Are you a Refugee Yes/ No

Submission and collection details :
1. How will you submit your application? Select Walk in/Shipping
2. Do you need Text Messages Alert Service? Yes/ No

Contact Details :
1. Enter Cell This has to be your own contactable number. (please enter as 10 digits, no dashes or spaces, Example : 4109809878)
2. Enter Email Address Must be contactable
3. Tick the check box of i am not a robot
4. Click on proceed button.

Upload Photograph / Signature

Photograph / Signature Specifications :
Please make sure that you follow the photo and signature requirements properly.

Photo Specifications :
The photo specifications are as follows :
** The passport sized photo(s) which are glued to your application as well as any additional loose photos sent with application, must follow the strict guidelines mentioned below. If the photos submitted with your application does not meet these requirements, your application will remain on hold and will not be processed until acceptable photos are sent to the CKGS application center. An email will be sent to you requesting additional photographs, if necessary.

Applicants are expected to Affix 1 photograph on EACH of the following documents :
** Online Passport Application Form
** Change of Appearance / Signature Form

Mode of Submission

Choose Mode of Submission :
Choose your mode of submission of your Application to CKGS either by Shipping or Walk-in

Shipping :
** You will have to send your fully completed application (all documents & complete payment) through Shipping. It’s recommended that you purchase your shipment through CKGS as this will save you the need to travel, parking charges, as well as waiting time at the CKGS Application Center.

** Applications must be sent to the CKGS Application Center of your jurisdiction. It must NOT be sent to the Mission.

Simply print the label which will automatically be addressed as follows :
Please see the EXAMPLE below.
Attn To: New ‘Passport’ Application
C/O Passport Department
IPAC Address
IPAC Location
IPAC Zip Code

Walk In :
Choose your service
1. Appointment for Application Submission
2. Appointment for Form Filling

Steps :
** If you had selected Walk-in as your submission option, you shall continue online to complete the ‘Appointment Process’.
** Choose Your ‘Appointment Date’
** Select Your Time Slot

** If the date / time slot is already booked, then the next available option will be displayed.
** Get a confirmation of your appointment date and time booked from CKGS.
** Come in person at the designated appointment date and time and submit your application at the CKGS Application Center.


Payments must be made Online by Credit Card.

(Consular Fee)
Passport Fees As per adult / minor and
applicable category
ICWF – Indian Community Welfare Fund $2
(CKGS Fee)
CKGS Service Fee $19.95 per application
Optional Fee Courier Service, text message etc
Total Payment A + B

** Payment has to be made separately for each Applicant.
** Convenience charges will apply for Credit Card.
** Cash will NOT be accepted.
** Personal Checks will NOT be accepted.

Payment Information :
To make payments, you must first complete your application online on the CKGS site so that the system can calculate the fees according to the service type and category selected.

You will be able to make your payments as part of the online process flow on our website .

For additional fees / balance payments / refunds, as an existing applicant, you can key in your Web Reference Number, Last Name, Date of Birth and Passport Number to proceed further.

Submit Physical Application

Submit Your Physical Application to CKGS :
Return to CKGS
After Completion of the Government of India Passport form, please log onto our website On the home page of the CKGS website, click on the box which states ‘Already Filled in Government Online NRI form and continue the process’

You will come to this page to fill in the New Web Reference Number received from the government site along with your Passport Number and your Date of Birth, to continue the passport application process.

New Applicant :
Fill in the details below to know more
1. Enter Government Web Reference Number (Government Online NRI Passport Form Number)
2. Enter Current Indian Passport Number
3. Enter Date of Birth
4. Enter Cell This has to be your own contactable number. (please enter as 10 digits, no dashes or spaces, Example : 4109809878)
5. Enter Email Must be contactable
6. Click on Continue button.

If you have used the CKGS shipping option, you will get an email acknowledgement once CKGS receives the actual application package at the CKGS Application Center stating ‘Received, but Not Verified’. Later you will receive an e-mail advising you of the outcome of the verification process.

How To Track Passport Application Status?

For your convenience, we have enabled you to track your passport application status using any one of the methods mentioned below.

Track My Application :
One can alternatively use My Account to track the status of the application. Applicants can perform multiple tasks using My Account option from the website. One can access ‘My Account’ by entering a combination of Application Reference Number, Passport Number and Date of Birth.

On successful login the applicant will get the below options
** Track Application Status
** View Applicant details
** View Service details
** Download and Print Documents and Forms
** Download and Print Shipping Label
** Download and Print Payment Receipt
** Make Payment
** Purchase Shipping and other value added services
** Upload missing / additional documents requested

Track By Passport Number

Enter your passport number which you used in the application.
Go to the official website,click on “consular Service” option in main menu,then click on tha passport services option drop down menu.

Enter the following fields :
1. Application Type*
2. Passport Number*
3. Click CAPTCHA This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Math Question*
4. Click on submit button.

Track By Courier

Enter the following fields :
1. Select FedEx Courier
2. Enter Airway Bill Number
3. Enter Passport Number
4. Click on the tick box of i am a robot
5. Click on the Submit Button.

FAQs On Passport

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Passport

What is the definition of minor for issue of passport?
Applicants less than 18 years of age are considered as minors for issuance of passport.
** In case of minors up to the age of 15 years, the validity of passport is restricted to 5 years or till they attain the age of 18, whichever is earlier.

** In case of minors between 15 to 18 years of age, a 10-year validity passport is issued. However, documentation required for minor’s passport will be applicable up to attaining 18 years of age.

How to check status of Refund?
A. Navigating to Refunds from Homepage
On the CKGS website, click on Payments / Refunds

B. Tracking Refund Status
On the payment Information page, click on Refund Status to proceed to the next step.

C. Filling up details for Refund Status
On the Refund Status Information Page, fill in the Web Reference Number, Date of Birth, Current Indian Passport Number and mention the Reason of Refund.

D. Display Status Information
If refund is applicable to you, then the Refund Status will be displayed to you accordingly.

Up to what age minor passport is applicable?
Minor Applicants (upto 18 years)

What is validity of passport?
A new Passport is required when the old passport has completed its 10 year validity (for Adults: on and above 15 years) and 5 year validity (for Minors: under 15 years) from the date of issue or where a new booklet is necessitated on account of change in basic particulars like name, appearance, seeking amendment in date of birth etc. or when all the pages have been used.

Till what time Passport could be submitted for reissue before the date of expiry?
The passport can be submitted for re-issue up to one year before the date of expiry.

Can my child (minor) travel on my Passport?
All minors are required to have a separate passport. Old practice of including a child’s name in the Passport of either of the parents has been discontinued.

Whose declaration is required in case of issue of passport of a minor?
Application for issue of passport to minor requires an additional declaration from both the parents

Can I retain my Indian passport for travel after acquiring my U.S.A Nationality?
On acquiring U.S.A nationality, the Indian passport should be submitted to the nearest Indian Embassy of India/Consulate for cancellation. It is returned to the holder after cancellation. Use of Indian Passport for travel to India after acquiring any foreign nationality is an offence and invites penalty. After acquiring US citizenship, you do not remain an Indian citizen and need Indian visa to visit India.

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