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Organisation : School Education Department,Tamil Nadu
Facility: Educational Management Information System
State : Tamil Nadu
Website :

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How To Access Tamil Nadu EMIS?

Login with user name & password to access Tamil Nadu Educational Management Information System (EMIS).

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EMIS support mail id : tnemiscel [AT]

Forgot Password ? :
Click on Forgot Password link to reset your password.

Enter your e-mail address below to reset your password.

FAQs On Tamil Nadu EMIS

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) On Tamil Nadu EMIS.

1.How to get the One Time Password (OTP)?
The One-Time-Password will be issued by the District SSA office EMIS Coordinator.Kindly contact the EMIS Coordinator to get the OTP or email tnemiscel [AT]

2.How to reset the One Time Password (OTP) or change the password?
** Once you login for the first time , website will ask for the school email-id and HM mobile number.
** After entering email-id and mobile number , website ask to enter the new password to get registered.
** If you forgot password, it has to be changed with the help of the link ‘Forgot Password’ with the registered email-id.
** If registered email-id is lost or forgot , kindly contact EMIS Coordinator to get the registered email-id.
** Also password can be requested from tnemiscel [AT] through your registered email-id.
** If want to change the password after successful login, access the link ‘Reset Password’ in the upper right corner under DISE code link.

3.EMIS website is not accessible or giving security error?
The EMIS website should be accessed with the link and if it’s not accessible ,kindly try after clearing the caches , cookies and history of the browser.

4.EMIS Website is not accessible or giving 521 error?
The Server maintenance is undergoing .So kindly try after sometime.

5.What to do if Home page or ‘One more step’ page not displayed?
Browser version should be updated.
For Firefox : Goto Dashboard Menu , Click ‘?’ icon and click ‘About Firefox’ .Version will be updated.
For Chrome : Goto ‘Help’ and Click ‘About Chrome’ . New Version will be updated

6.Why ‘EMIS – TamilNadu’ Android App is in Under Maintenance?
Due to some maintenance activity , Smart Card Android Application had been kept under maintenance temporarily.

Student Data Entry :
7. How to change School name , School Category ,School Management , School block, School cluster etc.?
These changes should be done from the UDISE Coordinator.So kindly contact the SSA office EMIS or UDISE Coordinator to change the respective information regarding School particulars.

8.How to start the student data entry?
** First do the data entry of the school profile (Basic information , Class sections details, Groups functioning and administrative details),
** Then transfer the students who left the school.
** Then edit the student’s details with correct information.
** At last create the new student of class I .

9. How to upload photo?
Right now photo upload and ID Card approval will be done through ‘Smart Card App’

10. While EMIS data entry class section is not coming?
First the school profile has to be created with necessary class section before making student data entry.

11. While EMIS data entry community or subcaste list not coming?
Try to give some time delay to load community or subcaste list.

12. Specific community or subcaste not in the list ?
We are following the latest community list GO. Kindly refer the link to search the relevant community.

13. How to admit a student from old school ?
Search the student in ‘Student Search’ link with Unique-id , dob or mobile no etc ( Three different modes of search available).

Then click the admit button to admit the student with required input. (Also admit button will be enabled only after the old school transferred the particular student to common pool.)

14. Why Community or Subcaste not loaded in the Dropdown menu when try to edit a student profile ?
Kindly select the religion from the Dropdown menu again to get the Community or Sub-caste list in the Dropdown.

15. Why Student profile edit mode is not working when try to edit Aadhaar, Student name etc., ?
Student profile edit mode is working fine and all the details can be editable . Kindly update the browser with new version and try.

16. How to request a student who got admission in my school from other school EMIS record to common pool ?
A new option has been introduced called ‘Request Raise’ for not transferred student to common pool.A alert ‘Pending Request’ will be given to the request received school to transfer the requested student to common pool.Then he/she can be admitted to the requested school from common pool.

17. What to do when the class wise student count is mismatching with the total strength in school login?
Comparing the list from student search with DISE Code in class wise with the count of class wise report from school login.

In other words, Compare the each class wise student data from student search common pool list with the School login class wise list and push the student not in your school or pull the missing student to/from common pool.

EMIS -Tamilnadu Android App For Student Smart Card :
18. Where is student ID card link to upload photos of the student ?
Student ID Card link is disabled now and Student Smart Card app is released to upload photo and approve ID card.EMIS-Tamilnadu Smart Card App can be downloadable from Google Play Store

19. What is the size of photo to be uploaded in EMIS – TAMILNADU Android App?
In EMIS – TamilNadu Android App, photo of any size can be uploaded and the inbuilt photo edit tool will resize and compress the photo to the required size.

20. Why Student ID card approval is not editable in EMIS – TAMILNADU Android App?
Android App for Student ID data approval and ID card approval will only work for Government and Govt-Aided Schools , soon it will be opened for private and Unaided schools also.

21. Why EMIS – TAMILNADU Android App is showing please wait when opening?
A new update is released and it should updated in the Google Play Store.

22. Why our school password working in web portal but not working in Android App as its showing ‘Invalid Username or Password’?
Kindly reset the password without ‘#’ symbol in the password through your registered email-id via forget password link

23. Why our student updates made in the web portal not reflecting in EMIS – TAMILNADU Android App immediately?
Kindly press Refresh or Re-Sync Symbol in the right top corner in the Android app after the school login to update the latest changes in the web portal to the App.

Welfare Schemes

Distribution of Free Text Books

All students studying in Government /aided / partially aided scStandards I to XII in self finance schools are being supplied with text books, free of cost by the Government. About 69,25,433 students are being benefitted by this scheme at a total cost of Rs 63.11 crores.

Distribution of free Bicycles

Free Bicycles are being distributed every year to all categories of Standard XI students studying in Government/ Aided/ Partially Aided Schools. 6,22,168 number of boys and girls are being benefited under this scheme at a cost of Rs.179.21 crores.

Puratchi Thalaivar MGR Nutritious Meal Programme

Free noon meal scheme is an ongoing scheme. The expense towards this scheme is meted out by the Social Welfare and Noon Meal Department. 46,88,654 students are being benefited through this scheme.

Free Uniforms

From the year 1985-1986 onwards, free uniforms are being given to students in standards I to VIII who are enrolled in the noon meal scheme. 46,88,654 students are benefited in the academic year 2011-2012.

Two sets of Uniform is distributed to the students at a cost of Rs.164.72 crore. In the next academic year 2012-2013 four sets of uniform will be given to 49,63,496 students at a total cost of Rs 329.89 crores

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