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Facility : HMWSSB Apply New Water Supply Connection/Pay & Download Water Bill
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How To Apply For HMWSSB New Water Connection?

Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage have more online services for Apply New Water Supply Connection/Pay & Download Water Bill/HMWSSB Book Tanker & Get Status/Check Grievances Status/Search Your Account No.etc.

Submission Process of Online Application for new/ enhancement of water supply and sewerage connection :
** Customer has to apply for New/Enhancement/Feasibility receipt of water or sewerage connection by logging into HMWSSB website by filling online application form.

** No physical application form will be accepted.

Steps :
Go to the official website click on the Service tab in main menu, then click on the Apply New Water Supply Connection option in drop down menu list.

Application Form

Apply For Water And Sewarage Connection :
1. Enter Applicant Name [Block Letters] [First Name */Middle Name/Last Name ]
2(A). Enter Correspondence Address [House No.* /Street */Area */Ghmc Hno./Pincode/Section ]
Ward. Block Constituency
2(B). Tick the Check Box Service Premises Address
3. Enter Contact Details [Tel.No/Mobile.No/Email]

4. Select Connection Particulars

5. Upload Files
6. Click Submit Application button.

** Alternatively Customer can apply for New/Enhancement of water or sewerage connection from the Kiosk made available at all the HMWSSB cash counters Download here List of Cash counters with address enclosed.

** Entering the Mobile number of applicant is mandatory for any application

** After entering details such as name, address, locality, area, contact number etc., a copy the application form will be generated and can be downloaded for printing from website consisting of customer details along with a unique File Number. Customer has to refer this File number for all purposes.

** An SMS will be sent to consumer requesting to pay processing fee against the file number.

** Customers can make payment of processing fee at any of the HMWSSB cash counters (List of Cash counters with address enclosed) in CASH/ DD (or) Online from HMWSSB website referring the File Number.

** On receipt of the processing fee an acknowledgement SMS will be sent to the Customer containing the details of the Section Manager to whom his application is orwarded for Feasibility with contact number of section Manager.

** Customer can view the status of application at HMWSSB website at any point of time.

** Once feasibility is verified by the GM(O&M) concerned, a downloadable intimation sanction letter will be generated requesting the customer to submit necessary documents at the O&M Division office to process the file.

** A copy of intimation letter to customer will be dispatched through post by the concerned GM (O&M).

** An SMS will be sent to the Customer with information that the connection is provisionally approved and with a request to submit necessary documents for final approval at GM (O&M) Office.

** Once necessary Documents are verified the GM (O&M) gives final approval for the feasibility and generates intimation letter for payment of connection charges and communicates the same to customer by post.

How To Pay HMWSSB Water Bill?

The days of long queues and interminable waits are now over! The HMWSSB offers its customers numerous bill payment options. Go to the above link,click on Pay water bill online option button scrolling on home page.

Choose Which of the following works best for you and pay your bills at ease and at your own pace.
1. Bill Desk(Online)
2. Govt Wallet.
3. Paytm

Bill Desk

1. Please enter CAN No.
2. Click on submit button.

Govt Wallet

1. Please enter CAN No.
2. Click on request bill button


1. Board will be displayed automatically- BBPS
2. Please enter your 9 digit CAN Number
3. Click on proceed button.

NEFT / RTGS Guidelines :
** HMWSSB- Water Bill Payments through Real Time Gross settlement (RTGS) and National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) facility for customers

The Guide lines for making payment through NEFT/RTGS are as below :
** All the HMWSSB consumers can make water bill payments though NEFT/ RTGS channel by giving NEFT/RTGS request in favour of HMWSSB at their respective bank with the NEFT/RTGS account details printed on the water bill issued by HMWSSB.

** A customer shall use the account details printed on their bill only as account number is customer specific.

How To Book HMWSSB Water Tanker Online?

Go to the above link,click on Book Water Tanker online option button scrolling on home page.

Steps :
Enter Consumer Details
1. Enter Your CAN* [Click here to search Can]
2. Enter Your Name
3. Enter Your Mobile No
4. Enter Your Address
5. Enter Your Arrears
6. Click on Submit tanker grievance.

Tanker Booking Status

Go to the above link,click on Book Water Tanker online option button scrolling on home page.

Know Your Tanker Booking Status :
1. Select Status
3. Search Use live search
4. Click on Get Data Button.


Go to the above link,click on Find Your CAN Number online option button scrolling on home page.
1. Enter Your First Name
2. Enter Your Last Name
3. Enter Your File No
4. Enter Your CAN
5. Enter Your House No
6. Enter Your Mobile No
7. Click on view button.

HMWSSB Register Grievances

Go to the above link,click on Register Grievances online option button scrolling on home page.
1. Enter Your Can
2. Enter Your Name
3. Enter Your Mobile No
4. Enter Your Address
5. Enter Your Arrears

Grievance Details :
6. Select Your Grievance Type
7. Select Your Grievance Reason
8. Select Your Grievance Description
9. Click on Submit Grievance button.

Check Grievances Status

Please enter the following details to check the complaint status,
1. Enter Complaint No.
2. Enter From Date
3. Enter To Date
4. Enter CAN
5. Select Division
6. Select Section
7. Select Status
8. Click on View button.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) On HMWSSB

1. When does it come into force?
It comes into force on the 12th October, 2005 (120th day of its enactment on 15th June, 2005). Some provisions have come into force with immediate effect viz. obligations of public authorities [S.4(1)], designation of Public Information Officers and Assistant Public Information Officers[S.5(1) and 5(2)], constitution of Central Information Commission (S.12 and 13), constitution of State Information Commission (S.15 and 16), non-applicability of the Act to Intelligence and Security Organizations (S.24) and power to make rules to carry out the provisions of the Act (S.27 and 28).

2. Who is covered?
The Act extends to the whole of India except the State of Jammu and Kashmir. [S.(12)]

3. What does information mean?
Information means any material in any form including records, documents, memos, e-mails, opinions, advices, press releases, circulars, orders, logbooks, contracts, reports, papers, samples, models, data material held in any electronic form and information relating to any private body which can be accessed by a public authority under any other law for the time being in force but does not include “file notings” [S.2(f)].

4. What does Right to Information mean?
It includes the right to
** inspect works, documents, records.
** take notes, extracts or certified copies of documents or records.
** take certified samples of material.
** obtain information in form of printouts, diskettes, floppies, tapes, video cassettes or in any other electronic mode or through printouts.[S.2(j)]

5. Is partial disclosure allowed?
Only that part of the record which does not contain any information which is exempt from disclosure and which can reasonably be severed from any part that contains exempt information, may be provided. [S.10]

HMWSSB Customer Care

24 Hours Customer Care: 155 313
Call: 040- 23300114 & 23433933

Contact Address :
Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply And Sewerage Board
Administrative Office Building
Khairatabad, Hyderabad – 4,
Telangana State

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  2. Our builder of apartment paid 1.5 Lakh of feasibility fee for water connection. Now
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    have to pay ? 8 flat owners. Region= Kapra

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