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Organization : Registration & Stamps Department Maharashtra
Facility : Public Data Entry for Registration
Applicable State : Maharashtra
Website :

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What is IGR Maharashtra Public Data Entry (PDE)?

Public Data Entry (PDE) for Registration is web application made available to Citizen by IGR Stamps and Registration Department of Maharashtra State. It provides data entry for document to be registered with the Registration Department.

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Benefits :
** Citizen can enter information required for Document registration.
** Application generates (11 digit) Data Entry Number (DEN) for it’s usage at SR office.
** Citizen can modify entered details using DEN.
** Citizen can give DEN to SRO at the time of Registration to fetch information entered by Citizen.
** Citizen can book token for document registration using e-Stepin.

How To Register For Public Data Entry (PDE)?

Users can follow the below procedure for Public Data Entry for Registration online. Go to the official website of IGR Maharashtra. ‘PDE for Registration’ is available under the heading ‘Online Services’.
Click the Server 1 or 2 link to start your registration.

Click Start Button to proceed for registration.

You are required to login with your details for PDE registration.
Step 1 : Enter Your User Name (Eg : Surangi Desai)
Step 2 : Enter Your Password
Step 3 : Input Text as provided in Image
Step 4 : Click Login Button

Forgot Password :
You can retrieve your forgotten password by following the below procedure.
Step 1 : Enter Your Username Here (Eg : Haribhau)
Step 2 : Select Security Question which you provided during registration of new account (Eg : What is your Mother’s Name)
Step 3 : Enter the Particular Answer
Step 4 : Input Text as provided in Image
Step 5 : Click Reset Password Button

From this page user can start data entry without login. Click the button ‘Data Entry without Login’ available in the login page.

Now you can start your new entry here.
Step 1 : Select Your Language (Eg : English or Marathi)
Step 2 : Select Your District (Eg :Akola)
Step 3 : Choose Your SRO (Eg : S.R. Tiroda)

Step 4 : Create Your Password
Password length must be minimum 8 characters. Password must contain atleast one (capital letter, small letter, special character and digit) e.g abcdA09@

Step 5 : Re-type Your Password
Step 6 : Input Text as provided in Image
Step 7 : Click Start Entry Button

Once you create an account you can use that to make new entries in PDE application.

Enter “Presentation Step 1” Details
For Stamp Duty Calculation Click on “Calculate Stamp Duty” Button

After Clicking on “Calculate Stamp Duty” Button, Select the particular node from the tree view and get your stamp duty calculated automatically.

Step 1 : Select Applicable Node (Eg : Movable Property)
Step 2 : Select Surcharge / investor clause if applicable
Step 3 : Calculated stamp duty is displayed
Step 4 : Surcharge (if any) is displayed
Step 5 : Stamp duty with surcharge (if any) is displayed
Step 6 : Press Close button if stamp duty is
Step 7 : Press Edit Without Change Button if Total stamp duty is not required

For Stamp Duty Pay Details Click on “Stamp Duty Pay Details” Button. After Clicking on “Stamp Duty Pay Details” Button, Kindly note down the 11 digit Token Number for any use in future

Fill all the details in “Property Details” Page and Save it. Multiple Properties can be added.

Step 1 : Fill all the required property details in the respective fields
Step 2 : Here you can fill both property address & other details.
Step 3 : Once you click Update button, property details will be displayed below.

Fill all the details in Party Details page and Save it. Multiple Parties can be added. After entering all required details click next button.

Fill all the details “Identification Details” Page and Save it. Multiple Identifiers can be added.

After submitting all details “Public Data Entry Report” automatically generates. Take the print of this Report using Print button. Once entry is completed, you may take a printout of the data entry. Please read the printout carefully. Corrections can be made using previous button.

In the last screen it displays all the possible offices where the registration process can be completed. The Party can go to any of the listed offices. Kindly note down the 11 digit Token Number for registration procedure

Note down Data Entry Number and carry this to SRO office. Entered Information will be available at SRO office for Registration.

For offices in concurrent jurisdiction, you can go to any SRO office with Data Entry Number, irrespective of the office chosen at the time of data entry.

This data entry does not mean that document is accepted for registration. SRO officer has authority to reject the document or he may change it as per the rule.
For any complaint / suggestion send us email to “feedback.isarita @”.

Download User Manual :

1) eStamp Acc Number Format is IN-MH99999999999999X
** IN-MH is fixed
** First provide 14 Digits Number
** Then at last there will be Single Alphabet

2) eChallan GRN Number Format is MH999999999999999X
** MH is fixed
** First provide 15 Digits Number
** Then at last there will be Single Alphabet

Modify Old Entry :
For any modification you can use eleven digit Data Entry Number and password you have created during the entry. (Please remember the password carefully).
Step 1 : Enter your 11 Digit Code (Eg : 45962365896)
Step 2 : Enter Your Password
Step 3 : Input Text as provided in Image
Step 4 : Click Start Edit Data Button

Account Creation

Press Create new account button if you are a new user.

The following details need to be filled for new registration.
Contact Information :
Step 1 : Enter Your Full Name in the Text Box Provided(Eg : Dattatray Ghule)
Step 2 : Select Your District (Eg : Buldhana)
Step 3 : Enter Your Town/ City/ Area/ Locality Name (Eg : Malkapur)
Step 4 : Enter Your Road/ Street/ Post Office Name (Eg : Malkapur)
Step 5 : Enter Your Premises/ Building/ Village (Eg : Dudhalgaon Kh)
Step 6 : Enter Your Flat/ Door/ Block No (Eg : 31 D)
Step 7 : Enter Your PIN Code (Eg : 443101)
Step 8 : Enter Your Mobile Number (Eg : 9876543210)
Step 9 : Enter Your Email ID (Eg : abcd @
Step 10 : Enter Your PAN Number (Eg : 8965236547)
Step 11 : Input Text as provided in Image

Personal Information :
Step 1 : Enter Your User Name ie creation & click Verify Button to check whether user name is acceptable or not (Eg : Dattatray_11)
Username contains alphanumeric characters, underscore and dot. 6-15 Characters Allowed. Username must Start with alphabet.
Step 2 : Create Your Password
Password length must be minimum 8 characters. Password must contain atleast one (capital letter, small letter, special character and digit) e.g abcdA09@
Step 3 : Re Enter Your Password
Step 4 : Select Security Question (Eg : What is your Birth Date?)
Step 5 : Enter Your Answer Here (Eg : 21/09/1975)
Step 6 : Click Save Button

FAQs On Public Data Entry PDE

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) On IGR Maharashtra Public Data Entry (PDE)

What is Public Data Entry (PDE)?
Under the Computerized Document Registration System, information relating to document like details of the property, parties to document, stamp duty, registration fee, identifiers has to be entered into the application. In order to help the parties to use this facility anywhere at any time, the facility made available on the website of the department is called Public Data Entry (PDE).

What is the procedure to be followed after completion of Public Data Entry?
** After completion of data entry through PDE facility, Carefully note down the11 digit code number (ex. 27051452229) generated.
** If some deficiencies or mistakes are found in the data entry, use the Edit facility as stated above to make the corrections.
** Using the e-Step in facility on the website of the Department, you may reserve time slot for registration.
** Preserve one self attested printed copy of information prepared through the use of Public Data Entry (PDE).

What is the fee charged for Public Data Entry?
No fee is charged if the party has done PDE on one’s, own computer and presented the same. If data entry of a document is done in the Office of Sub-Registrar, then data entry fee of Rs. 20/- is charged.

Which office should be selected for data entry by using PDE for registering a document in the Office of the Sub-Registrar located in concurrent jurisdiction?
Even if any particular office in the concurrent jurisdiction is selected by using this PDE, the document can still be registered in any office of the Sub-Registrar in the concurrent Jurisdiction.

Which languages can be used for entering the data in Public Data Entry?
Information can be entered in the PDE by using Marathi and English languages. However, if a discrepancy is noticed in the information in English and Marathi translation, the information in Marathi is considered for registration purpose.

How long can the data entry made through public data entry (PDE) be used for registration of a document?
Data entry made through the Public Data Entry (PDE) can be used up to 30 days for registration of a document.

What should be done, if the 11 digit code number is forgotten before registration of a document?
It is necessary to make fresh data entry if the 11 digit code is forgotten.

After registration of document, if some items/facts (e.g. name of party, description of property etc.) in the document are found to be incorrect. What should be done under these circumstances?
All parties can prepare a Correction Deed or any other suitable Document and get the Correction Deed /Document registered in the Office of Sub Registrar. However, all rules of Stamp Duty and Registration will remain applicable for the said Deed / Document.

Answered Questions

How should the password be given?
Password length must be minimum 8 characters. Password Must contain at least one (capital letter, small letter, special character and digit) e.g. abcdA09@.

Can I add multiple properties?
Yes. Receipt will be generated on presenter’s name.

I have an idea to optimise this facility to a better one. Where can I post my idea?
If you think that the functioning of the Dept. can be improved and if you have an idea for the same, please send us mail at – idea[at]igrmaharashtra[dot]gov[dot]in

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