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IndusInd Bank : Check Credit Card Application Status

Organization : IndusInd Bank
Facility : Check Credit Card Application Status
Applicable For : India
Home Page :

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How To Check IndusInd Credit Card Application Status?

IndusInd Bank provides facility to track your credit card application status. Go to the credit card section first.

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Click Apply Now button to go to credit card application page.

Click Track Application status tab.

Step 1 : Enter Your Application Id
Please make sure that the information you provide below matches what we have on record for you.
Step 2 : Enter Your Mobile Number
Step 3 : Click Submit Button to check status.

Your Applications :
Click “Your Applications” to sign in to your acount.

Step 1 : Enter your email
Step 2 : Enter your Password
Step 3 : Click Sign In Button

Forgot Your Password ? :
Please enter your email address to receive a code. Then click on continue Button. You can use the code to then reset your password.

Sign Up :
If you are a new user you can create an account to avail all the facilities.

Why sign up? :
** Maintain all your credit card applications
** Track the status of all your credit cards
** Save and complete your credit card application later if you are not ready

Click sign up link to register.

Step 1 : Enter Email
Step 2 : Enter Password
Step 3 : Click Sign Up Button

Credit Card Application

Go to credit card section and click apply now button. Register with all your basic details.

Step 1 : Select Where do you live currently?
Step 2 : Select When did you move to current residence?
Step 3 : Enter your Date of Birth
Step 4 : Select Are you an existing JetPrivilege Member?
Step 5 : Select Type of employment
Step 6 : Enter your Company Name
Step 7 : Enter Monthly take-home salary
Step 8 : Enter Your Name
Step 9 : Enter your Mobile No
Step 10 : Accept the Declaration & click Show Eligible Card button

Your eligible cards will be displayed. Then fill all the required details to complete the application. Click on the card image to select your preferred Credit Card.

Personal Details :
Step 1 : Select Title
Step 2 : Enter your First Name (As it appears in your PAN card)
Step 3 : Enter your Last Name
Step 4 : Enter your Personal Email
We will be sending updates about your application here
Step 5 : Select Gender
Step 6 : Enter your Name as desired on the Credit Card
Maximum 19 characters allowed
Step 7 : Select Marital Status
Step 8 : Select your Nationality
Step 9 : Select Resident of India
Step 10 : Enter your Mobile number
This is the number on which you will receive all future communication including application information for tracking the application.

Step 11 : Enter line 1 of your Address
Step 12 : Enter line 2 of your Address
Step 13 : Enter your Pincode
Step 14 : Select Residence type
Step 15 : If permanent Address is same as what you have entered click “Copy from Current Address link”.
Step 16 : Enter Contact Person Mobile

Employment Details :
Step 17 : Enter your Designation
Step 18 : Enter your Work Email
Enter code emailed to you. If it hasnt yet reached, complete form & send a blank email to verify [AT]
Step 19 : Select Type of Company
Step 20 : Select Current Work Experience (in years)
Step 21 : Select Preferred E-mail ID

Step 22 : Select the type of facility you would like to apply for
Step 23 : Click Submit Application Button

How To Link Aadhaar Number?

As per Govt of India, it is mandatory to link your aadhaar number with your bank account before 31st march 2018.
Go to the Indusind official website. You will find a notification to link your aadhaar.

Link Aadhaar Here :

Steps to be Followed :
Step 1 : Enter your Account number
Step 2 : Enter your DOB(dd/mm/yyyy)
Step 3 : Enter the text in the image
Step 4 : Click Continue Button

Link Your Credit Card :
Click here to link your Aadhaar Number with your Credit Card.

Step 1 : Enter the last 4 digits of your Credit Card
Step 2 : Enter your Name as printed on your Aadhaar Card
Step 3 : Enter your Aadhaar Number
Step 4 : Enter your DOB(dd/mm/yyyy)

Step 5 : Enter your Registered Mobile Number
Step 6 : Enter the text in the image
Step 7 : Click Continue Button

SwiftPay Credit Card Payment

Go to the link of SwiftPay Credit Card Payment available in the home page.

Agree all the terms by clicking ‘I Agree’ Button.

Click Pay Now button to proceed for payment.

Input the Credit Card number mentioned on your card along with the due amount.
Step 1: Select Card type
Step 2 : Enter IndusInd Bank Credit Card No.
Step 3 : Re-enter IndusInd Bank Credit Card No.
Step 4 : Enter Payment Amount (Rs.)
Step 5 : Select your bank account from which you would like to execute this payment (we partner only with select banks).
Step 6 : Click Submit Button

Fields marked * are mandatory

Initiate and confirm your IndusInd Credit Card payment :
** Input your authentication details like Netbanking login credentials.
** Enter and confirm the amount to be paid.
** Wait till your account gets debited before refreshing or closing the page.
** The amount will be credited to your IndusInd Credit Card account within 3 working days (excluding weekends and bank holidays).
** Therefore, ensure that you make the payments at least 3 working days before your IndusInd Credit Card payment due date.

Wait for an online confirmation :
After you are done with the payment, a transaction acknowledgement screen will appear on your browser. The screen displays the transaction status of ‘Success’ or ‘Failure’. If your payment fails due to some gateway error, try making the payment again.

If the transaction acknowledgement screen is not displayed, check your bank account for any debits before initiating another payment.

Disclaimer :
If you select CitiBank as payment option, please enter your valid debit card details.

Your transaction is processed through a secure 128 bit https internet connection based on secure socket layer technology. For security purposes, Your IP address and access time Mar 01 09:57:22 IST 2018 have been logged.

Visa Money Transfer

The Visa Money Transfer (VMT) facility lets you transfer funds online from your other bank accounts to pay your monthly outstanding bill of your IndusInd Bank Visa Credit Card.

The following banks offer outbound VMT facilities :
** Axis Bank
** Barclays Bank
** Canara Bank
** Catholic Syrian Bank
** Corporation Bank
** Development Credit Bank
** HDFC Bank
** HSBC Bank
** ICICI Bank
** IDBI Bank
** IndusInd Bank
** Kotak Bank
** State Bank of India
** Standard Chartered Bank

Payment Information :
IndusInd Bank understand your needs and thus offer an array of options to know your credit card statement.

IndusInd Bank Phone Banking IVR :
You can call our 24 hour Phone Banking Number at 1860 500 5004 to get full information on your card.

Use the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Service to :
** Check your outstanding balance
** Check details of your last few transactions
** Confirm receipt of your payment

FAQs On Credit Card

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On IndusInd Bank Credit Card

I have applied for a credit card. How long does it take to get the card?
The processing of credit card Application will take approximately 10 to 15 working days from the date all relevant documents are submitted as per the Bank’s requirement.

How can I check the status of my credit card application?
You may call our Helpline number 1860 267 7777 to know the status of your credit card application. Once your application is processed, Bank will communicate the status through an SMS on the mobile number stated on your application form.

Do I have the ‘up to 50 days grace period’ on my retail transactions if I am already revolving on my Credit Card?
No, the grace period on retail transactions is valid only if there are no out-standings on the Credit Card. If you are already revolving, then all fresh purchases will attract interest from the date of purchase

What should I do if my card is lost?
In the event that you lose your credit card, please report the loss to IndusInd Bank Phone Banking immediately. Alternatively, you can instantly block and replace your credit card on IndusNet/IndusMobile.

How do I update my Mobile number/Email address?
Please call our helpline number 1860 267 7777 or logon to IndusNet to update your Mobile number/Email address.

Can my family members use my IndusInd Bank Credit Card?
No, your IndusInd Bank Credit Card is for your personal use only and cannot be used by any third person.

However, you may gift an add–on card to your family members that can be used by them. All charges & payments for transactions made on add–on cards will have to be borne by you.

Will I receive my Credit Card plastic and PIN together?
No, the Credit Card and the PIN will be dispatched to you separately.

How will I receive my PIN?
At the time of issue of your EMV Chip & PIN Credit Card, your PIN will be dispatched to you separately. Please use this PIN at POS terminals to complete your transactions and at the ATM to withdraw cash.

Internet Banking

You can view and transact account details online through internet banking.

Internet Banking :

Go to the link of net banking to transact online

If you are a new user go to the link of banking for registration.

Note :
** You should be carrying your mobile number registered with the Bank.
** You can opt for either a view access (For accounts enquiry and limited service requests) or a transaction access.
** Personal details are required if you opt for view access and Debit Card details are required if you opt for transaction access.
** If you do not have a Debit Card Number issued for your Account or if you are facing any issues with the IndusNet Online Registration Process please call our 24 X7 Phone Banking Helpline.
** View access can be changed to View and Transact access by providing Debit Card details in IndusNet Service Requests

Please select the type of access you would like to opt for either View and Transact or View Only.

Customer will be redirected to enter account details.

Step 1 : Enter your Account Number (Refer your cheque book)
Step 2 : Enter your Debit Card No
Step 3 : Enter your Debit Card Pin * (4 Digits)
Step 4 : Enter your Debit Card Expiry Date
Step 5 : Enter your Card Verification Value
(As mentioned on Debit card)
Step 6 : Click Submit Button
After submitting details you will be asked to authenticate your details. Then Set IndusNet credentials.

Net Banking Login :
You can login to net banking using password or Indus Mobile.

Login Using Password :
Step 1 : Enter UserName
User name is your customer id/ customer card number or the user id selected by you at the time of Indusind online registration
Step 2 : Enter your Password
Step 3 : Slect Account Summary
Step 4 : Click Sign in Button

Login Using IndusMobile :
Step 1 : Enter UserName
Step 2 : Slect Account Summary
Step 3 : Click Sign in Button

Step 4: Securely authenticate using your Fingerprint, Pin or Pattern

Step 5: Pin-less login is successful, Happy digital Banking !!

Forgot Your UserId :
Click Forgot Your User Id link available in the right panel of login page.

Step 1 : Enter Account Number / Credit Card Number
Step 2 : Enter Enter one of the following *
Date of Birth (As per Bank Records)
PAN (Permanent Account Number)
Step 3 : Click Submit Button

Forgot Login Password :
Enter user id to retrieve your forgotten password.

Answered Questions

I got a call for credit card. I have given all documents. Phone verification is been done. I have not received any message or application id.
Let me know if you didn’t receive any application id after completing your registration.

I applied credit card of indus ind bank. Phone verification was done and I got one message from your bank as your application is being processed and we will update you with the status within 10 working days. Already it went 15 working days. Now I need the status as soon as possible please.
You need application Id and mobile number to check the status.

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