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Organization : Kerala Registration Department
Facility : Find Fair Value of Land
Applicable State : Kerala
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How To Find Fair Value of Land Kerala?

Kerala Registration Department is one of the oldest department in the state and it touches citizens at all levels at some time or other.

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You can know the value of land by following the below guidelines. Click the link Fair Value of Land available in the Registration Department home page.

Click the image as shown below.

The fair value of land shown in this website is the value per Are in all the cases. Select all the required details as shown below.

Step 1 : Select Your District From Drop Down List (Eg : Kannur)
Step 2 : Select Your RDO From Drop Down List (Eg : RDOThalasery)
Step 3 : Select Your Taluk From Drop Down List (Eg : Kannur)
Step 4 : Select Your Village From Drop Down List (Eg : Puzhathi)
Step 5 : Select Your Desam From Drop Down List (Eg : Puzhathi)
Step 6 : Enter Your Block No in the Text Box available (Eg : 23451)
Step 7 : Select Your Land Type From Drop Down List (Eg : Garden Land with Road)
Step 8 : Enter Your Survey No (Eg : 12345)
Step 9 : Re-Enter Your Survey No (Eg : 12345)
Step 10 : Click View Button

How To Apply For Encumbrance Certificate?

Application for Encumbrance Certificates is to be presented before the Sub Registrar by the applicant in the prescribed form with required fee in person or by post. Application for Encumbrance Certificates for which fee has been paid at double the ordinary rate shall have precedence over those for which the fees has been paid at ordinary rate.

The details of fee for encumbrance application are included in the fee schedule. Proforma for application of Encumbrance Certificates is given separately.

FAQs On Kerala Registration Department

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) On Kerala Registration Department

I am from Kerala right now I am working in U S, I wanted to sell a land in Kerala. My brother told me that I should be present in person to sign at the registrars office, which is not possible. Is there any way can I register it without my presence?
There is a need that the seller should sign the document and appear before the registering officer for registration. But this could be done without your physical presence, by authorizing an Attorney here to do this activity on behalf of you.

For this you need to execute a power of attorney there attested by a Notary there, which has to be adjudicated with any Sub Registrar here. Based on this Power your attorney can act.

What is an Encumbrance Certificate? Why do we need?
The encumbrance certificate contains all the transactions registered relating to a particular property for a period (as required). It is advisable to get encumbrance Certificate before effecting any transactions, as it will give information about previous transactions. This will also help arriving at proper entitlement of the property

What is the definition of family for availing concession in stamp duty under the Indian Stamp Act?
The family member includes father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter and grandchild. The relationship should be traced from the owner of the property prior to transaction.

Can I get the required information directly from the Sub-Registrar?
Yes. The registering officer is required to give any sort of information regarding registration

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