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MSPDCL Online Recharges & Bill Payment : Manipur

Organization : Manipur State Power Distribution Company Limited (MSPDCL)
Facility : Online Recharges & Bill Payment
Applicable State : Manipur
Website :

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How To Do MSPDCL Bill Payment?

This facility describes about types of online recharges & quick bill payment. To make online payment go to the link of official website of MSPDCL.

Related / Similar Service : Bill Payment

Click the link Consumer Services available in the left panel of website. Then click on Online Recharges & Bill Payment link. Also you can use quick link option to proceed for payment as shown below.

Click the link Postpaid Bill Payment available under Payment Options.

Enter Consumer Account Number & click search button.

Prepaid Recharges

Go to the link of Prepaid Recharges which is available in the payment page. You will find various options for Prepaid Recharge payment.

Prepaid Recharge Options :
1. Secure Meter Make (Compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer Version 10 and above)
2. Genus Meter Make
3. Prepaid Recharge with ITZ Cash Card
4. Prepaid Recharge User Manual (Secure)
5. Prepaid Recharge User Manual (Genus)

Prepaid Secure Meter Vending :
Click the link Secure Meter Make as shown below.

Step 1 : Please Select the input type From Drop Down List (Eg : Consumer Id)
Step 2 : Please provide the input value (Eg : 5432101)
Step 3 : Click Submit Button

Genus Meter Make :
Click the link Genus Meter Make available under payment options of Prepaid recharges like shown above. Enter Your Pre-paid Consumer Id & click proceed button to enter ibto payment portal.

Prepaid Recharge with ITZ Cash Card :
You can also make recharge with ITZ Cash Card by clicking the respective link. Login with your user name & password to proceed for payment.

Paytm :
Also you can pay through Paytm by login to the Paytm portal. You can proceed to recharge using your mobile number.

How To Apply For New Electrical Connection?

You can apply for new electrical connection by downloading the application form provided below and filled the details.

Download Application Form :

Fields to be filled in Application Form :
Step 1 : First Affix Recent Passport Size Photograph self attested by the Applicant
Step 2 : Enter Your Name in Block Letters (Eg : MADAN PRASAD)
Step 3 : Enter Name of Your Father/ Husband (Eg : Omesh Konsam)
Step 4 : Enter Your Address of the Premises where a new connection is newly applied (Eg : Bushnupur-795126)
Step 5 : Enter Full Address of Correspondence & Sending Bills (Eg : Bushnupur-795126)
Step 6 : Enter Your Telephone Number (Eg : 9999999999)

Step 7 : Enter Your Patta Number [For Tenants] (Eg : 6543210)
Step 8 : Enter Your Relationship Between Applicant & Pattadar
Step 9 : Enter Your Consumer for Billing Reference (Eg : 543210)
Step 10 : Enter Your Proposed Connection Load(Eg : 2 KW)
Step 11 : Place Your Signature in the appropriate Location
Step 12 : Enter Date of application (Eg : 20/03/2018)

Documents to be Furnished :
1. Proof of Identity/ Address
2. Address for Correspondence
3. 3(three) number of self attested passport photos
4. Photostated copy of Relevant Patta

FAQs On MSPDCL Payment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On MSPDCL Payment

How can I get the receipt for my payment?
You will get receipt of exact bill amount paid by you. An e-mail will also be sent to your registered e-mail address mentioning the payment information.

I use mspdcl online prepaid recharge today at around 6:30 PM and my payment was successful but I can’t get the voucher no. Please tell me how can I get the voucher code?
You have to login fresh with same consumer Id

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  1. Online recharge facility is not working now. What is happening?

  2. I have done an online payment today and payment was successful but I couldn’t retrieve the code number. My id is 058000035929. Please resend me code at this mobile number via sms.

  3. i have recharge an online payment yesterday. but unfortunately e mail I had entered was mistaken.
    Payment was successful but I can’t get my meter Voucher number.
    please guide me to get the voucher number

  4. Today i have recharge an online payment, payment is deducted from my account but sever is down , but I can,t found my voucher please guide me for refund.

  5. Dr. Jamkhogin Lhungdim

    I have paid Rs.1000pre-paidbutno voucher generated. How do I do?

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