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Organization : National Securities Depository Limited
Service Name : NSDL CAS Consolidated Account Statement
Applicable For : Investors
Website :

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What is NSDL Consolidated Account Statement (CAS)?

NSDL Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) is a single account statement consisting of transactions and holdings in investor’s demat account(s) held with NSDL and CDSL as well as in units of Mutual Funds held in Statement of Account (SOA) form. The statement enables investors to have a consolidated view of his/her financial assets and provide an insight of his/her portfolio across various asset classes.

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NSDL CAS provides enrich investor experience of managing his/her portfolio. NSDL CAS provides enrich investor experience of managing his/her portfolio effectively and benefit him/her in many other ways viz. better decision making, simplified monitoring, rich analysis of portfolio etc.

How To Subscribe For NSDL e-CAS?

e-CAS is a Faster, Safer, Greener way that offers you benefits of the digital platform. By subscribing to e-CAS you receive a password protected copy of your NSDL-CAS on your registered email id. Go to NSDL link which is also provided above. Click NSDL E-CAS tab.

Step 1 : Enter Your 9 digit CAS ID (Eg : 987654321)
Step 2 : Enter Your valid 10 digit PAN Number (Eg : 9876543210)
Step 3 : Enter the captcha
Step 4 : Click Submit Button

If you don’t know the CAS Id, you can use the service ‘know your cas id’ which is available in the E-Cas section. Click Know Your Cas Id button.

Step 1 : Enter Your PAN Number (1st or sole holder) (Eg : 9876543210)
Step 2 : Select Your DP NAME & ID (Eg : A.G.Shares & Sec Ltd (IN301006)
Step 3 : Enter your Client ID (Eg : 87654321)
Step 4 : Enter Captcha
Step 5 : Click Submit Button

How To Track Your CAS?

If you are looking for status, click Track CAS link as show below.

Step 1 : Enter Your CAS ID (Eg : 987654321)
Step 2 : Enter Your PAN Number (1st or sole holder) (Eg : 9568745126)
Step 3 : Enter Your email ( Eg : abcde @
Step 4 : Select Month & Year of the CAS
CAS of the month will be dispatched by 20th of the next month…
Step 5 : Enter Captcha
Step 6 : Click Submit Button

How To Update Your Contact Details?

To update your contact details like Email Id, Mobile Number and Address, Follow the below steps.

Email ID: Go to “Subscribe to e-CAS” section on this website or Download the form. Print, Fill, Sign & Submit to your DP or Contact your DP
Mobile Number: Download the form. Print, Fill, Sign & Submit to your DP
Address: Download the form. Print, Fill, Sign & Submit along with the Proof of Address as mentioned in the form to your DP

Download Application Form :

Please fill this form in English or Block Letters
Step 1 : Please tick the appropriate what you are looking for whether you are applying for new or making any correction.
Step 2 : Please tick the box on left margin of appropriate row where Change/ Correction is required and provide the details in the corresponding row

Place your signature in the respective place and submit the form to your DP.

KYC Application

Please download the application form from the above link and fill all the required details by following the below procedure.

Identity Details :
Step 1 : Enter Your Name (Eg : Navin)
Step 2 : Enter Your Father/ Spouse Name (Eg : Ashwin)
Step 3 : Upload Your Photograph
Step 4 : Select Your Gender
Step 5 : Select Your Marital Status as single or married
Step 6 : Enter Your DOB
Step 7 : Select Your Nationality ( Indian or Other- If others please specify that)
Step 8 : Select Status from any of the below
1. Resident Individual
2. Non Resident
3. Foreign National
Step 9 : Enter Your Pan Number ( Eg : 9876543210)
Step 10 : Specify Proof of Identity Submitted ( Eg : Pan Card or if Others please specify)

Address Details :
Step 1 : Enter Your Residence/ Correspondence Address (Eg : T.Nagar, Chennai)
Step 2 : Specify the proof of address submitted for Residence/ Correspondence Address
(Eg : Aadhaar Card)
Step 3 : Enter Your Contact Details ( Specify Phone Number and Email Id) (Eg : 9876543210, abcde @
Step 4 : Enter Your Permanent Address (If different from above or overseas address, mandatory for Non Resident Applicant)

Then finally accept the declaration and place your signature in the appropriate place.

Instructions for Filling KYC Form

1. Self attested copy of PAN card is mandatory
2. All copies of the documents should be self attested.
3. If any proof of identity or address is in Foreign language, then translate it in to Indian Language.
4. Name & address mentioned should be matched with documentary proof submitted
5. For non residents & Foreign Nationals, copy of passport/ PIO card/ OCI card and overseas address proof is mandatory.
6. For opening an account, for a minor, photo copy of School Leaving Certificate/ Passport of Minor/ Birth Certificate must be provided.

Proof of Identity :
** UID/ Passport/ Voter Id/ Driving License
** PAN card with photograph
** Identity card/ documents with applicant’s photo, issued by any of the following
** Central / Sytate Govt
** Statuatory/ Regulatory Authorities
** Public Sector Undertakings
** Scheduled Commercial Banks
** Public Financial Institutions
** Colleges affiliated to Universities
** Professional Bodies such as ICAI, ICWAI, ICSI, bar Council etc.

Proof of Address :
** Passport/Voters Identity Card/Ration Card/Unique Identification Number (UID)/ Aadhaar Letter/Registered lease or Sale Agreement of Residence/Driving License/ Flat Maintenace bill/Insurance Copy.
** Telephone, Electricity or Gas Bill
** Bank Account Statement/ Passbook
** Self declaration by High Court/ Supreme Judges
** Proof of Address in the name of spouse may be accepted

Exemptions/ Clarifications to PAN :
** In case of transactions undertaken on behalf of Central Govt or State Govt and by officials appointed by court e.g official liquidator, Court Receiver
** Investors residing in the state of Sikkim
** UN entities/ multilateral agencies exempt from paying taxes/ filing tax returns in India
** SIP of mutual funds upto Rs. 50,000/- p.a

List of authorised people to attest the Documents :
** Notary Public, Gazetted Officer, Manager of a Scheduled Commercial/ Co-operative Bank or Multinational Banks
** In case of NRIs, authorised officials of overseas branches of Scheduled Commercial Banks registered in India

In case of Non-Individuals, additional documents to be obtained.
Corporate :
** Copy of the balance sheets for the last 2 financial years
** Copy of latest share holding pattern including list of all those holding control
** Photograph, POI, POA, PAN & DIN Numbers of whole time directors
** Photograph, POI, POA, PAN & DIN Numbers of individual promoters holding control
** Copies of Memorandum & Articles of Association & Certificate of incorporation
** Copy of the Board Resolution for investment in securities market
** Authorised signatories list with specimen signatures

Partnership Firm :
** Copy of the balance sheets for the last 2 financial years
** Certificate of Registration
** Copy of Partnership Deed
** Authorised signatories list with specimen signatures
** Photograph, POI, POA, PAN of Partners

Trust :
** Copy of the balance sheets for the last 2 financial years
** Certificate of Registration
** Copy of Trust Deed
** List Trustees certified by managing Trustees/CA
** Photograph, POI, POA, PAN of Trustees

** PAN of HUF
** Deed of declaration of HUF
** Bank Statement in the name of HUF
** Photograph, POI, POA, PAN of Karta

Unincorporated Association or a body of individuals :
** Proof of Existence/ Constitution Document
** Resolution of the Managing Body
** Authorised signatories list with specimen signatures

Banks/ Institutional Investors :
** Copy of the constitution/ Registration or annual report/ balance sheet for the last 2 financial years
** Authorised signatories list with specimen signatures

Foreign Institutional Investors:
** Copy of SEBI registration certificate
** Authorised signatories list with specimen signatures

Army/ Government Bodies :
** Self Certification on Letter Head
** Authorised signatories list with specimen signatures

Registered Society :
** Copy of Registration certificate under societies registration act
** List of Managing Committee members
** Committee resolution for persons authorised to act as Authorised signatories with specimen signatures
** True copy of society rules and bye laws certified by the chairman/ secretary


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) On NSDL Consolidated Account Statement (CAS)

When Does One Receive Cas?
If there is any transaction in any of the demat accounts of an investor or in any of his/her mutual fund folios, then CAS will be sent to the investor in the next month in respect of transactions executed in previous month along with the holdings.

What Is The Basis For Consolidation Of Portfolios To Be Considered For Cas?
Consolidation of account statement is done on the basis of Permanent Account Number (PAN). In case of multiple holding, it is based on a PAN of the first holder and pattern of holding.

Can Investor Request For Change Of Default Depository To Receive The Cas?
Yes. In case the investor has demat accounts with Participants of NSDL as well as CDSL and NSDL is the default depository from where the investor is receiving CAS; the investor can indicate his preference by submitting a letter signed by the first holder to any DP of NSDL where the investor is having an account. Alternatively, the investor can also send email to NSDL-CASfeedback @ from his email ID registered with NSDL.

Why Should Investor Choose Nsdl As Preferred Depository For Receiving Cas?
NSDL CAS will enrich investor’s experience of managing his/her portfolio effectively and benefit him/her in many other ways viz. better decision making, simplified monitoring, rich analysis of portfolio etc.
Some of the value adds of NSDL CAS are as under :
** Summary of portfolio investments across entire holdings in demat as well as Statement of Account (SOA) form
** Asset-wise classification of portfolio
** Graphical representation
** View of demographic details across demat account(s) and MF folio(s)

Which Transactions Are Included In Nsdl Cas?
NSDL CAS will include all types of transactions executed in demat mode & financial as well as non-financial transactions such as New Fund Offer, fresh purchase, additional purchase, redemption, switch in and out, dividend reinvestment, dividend accrued, systemic transaction such as SIP / SWP / STP, bonus, merger, etc. as provided by the MF-RTAs to NSDL in respect of Mutual Funds folios.

Whether Nsdl Cas Will Separately Represent My Mf Investments In Demat Form And Mf Folio?
Yes. The holdings of Mutual Fund units held in demat account(s) and units held in SOA form in MF folio(s) are shown separately with proper notation.

Suppose I Hold Mf Units In The Dematerialised Mode And Not In Soa Form, Will I Still Get Nsdl Cas?
If you are holding MF units only in dematerialised mode and does not hold MF units in SOA form then instead of NSDL CAS, you will receive demat account statement from NSDL consisting of your holdings in MF units in dematerialised mode.

Why Should Investor Opt For Receiving Nsdl Cas By Email (nsdl E-cas) Rather Than Receiving The Same In Physical Form?
The investor will experience many value added benefits by opting for NSDL e-CAS.
Some of which are given below :
** Faster mode of receiving NSDL CAS
** No need of storage of physical CAS
** Restricted access of CAS only to the recipient that too with feature of password protection
** Interactive PDF statements with more appealing view
** Easy retrieval of old statements

Whether Nsdl E-cas Would Be Password Protected? If Yes, How The Investor Would Be Able To Open Nsdl E-cas?
Yes, NSDL e-CAS would be a password protected digitally signed PDF file. Investor will be required to enter PAN of the first/sole demat account holder in CAPITAL letters as a password to open the same.

If For Any Reason I Need A Duplicate Nsdl Cas, What Is The Procedure I Should Follow?
You can inform NSDL or your Participant for this purpose.

For Change In My Email Id Or Address Or Any Other Details With Regard To Nsdl Cas Whom Should I Contact?
The procedure to change the client details in respect of demat accounts in the depository system will remain unchanged. In case of any queries/ clarifications on NSDL CAS, you may call on toll free number 1800222990.
For registering query/complaint w.r.t. NSDL CAS, kindly visit or you may write to us at,
Officer In-Charge
Investor Relationship Cell
National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL)
4th floor, Trade World, A wing, Kamla Mills Compound
S B Marg, Lower Parel West
Mumbai – 400 013

Answered Questions

CAS ID : 100396851/100247925/1006XXXXX
Kindly send me the account statement[e-statements] for above cas id’s as I have not received any statements for December 2017.
You can track your CAS using CAS id, PAN, email and month & year.

My CAS ID IS 107362675 ( PAN AOEPS9316P )
CAS for the month March 2017 has not been received as on date. Normally it is received by 12th of the following month. Please resend if sent/communicated already.
** As per SEBI guidelines, if there is any transaction in any of the demat accounts of an investor or in any of his/her mutual fund folios, then CAS will be sent to the investor in the next month in respect of transactions executed in previous month along with the holdings.

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    1. Kalaimagal swaminathan

      DEAR SIR
      I was receiving the NSDL cosolidated account of my I.D.CAS 114066326 for the month 1stSeptember to30yth September 2017. I do not know how to get the account for the month of Feb 2020. Since I do not kow to open this month statement I would request you to help me and instruct me how I have to go in future to see my statement. Mr B karthikeyan is a joint holder in my account, .his ID is 114122869. I would like to know the present possition. Please oblige. Thanking you

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    How can I have CAS year ending 31.03.2020

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    CAS ID: I AM NOT GETTING ANY STATEMENT IN MY EMAIL SO PLEASE SEND THE Consolidated Account Statement for the current period.

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  8. Dear Sir,

    Please send me my CAS for the month ending 30 Nov 20. My NSDL CAS ID is 103231661 and Pan No is AECPP7680P.

    CAS may please be sent through my Regd Email


  10. My CAS ID is 101539321 I am not getting Consolidated CAS statement. Please send the latest consolidated statement to my registered email address
    Thank you

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    My name is Balkrishna M Kanchani, My DP Id IN-300450 and Client ID 10905404.
    My PAN No. is ACAPK2437R.

    I request to send me my holding of Shares and Mutual fund as on to-day.

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    request to send the CAS for the months of March 2022 and December 2022.


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