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SRM University SRMJEEE 2018 Joint Engineering Entrance Examination B.Tech Admission :

Organisation : SRM University (
Announcement : SRM Joint Engineering Entrance Examination (SRMJEEE) 2018 B.Tech Admission
Applicable For : Passed or Appearing in Higher Secondary
Website :

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SRM SRMJEEE Entrance Examination

Online Applications for SRMJEEE – 2018 ie for Admission to B.Tech in SRM Institute of Science and Technology Chennai, SRM University, Amaravati (AP) & SRM University, Sonepat Haryana is open now. You can apply online for SRMJEEE – 2018 in SRM university website.

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Important Dates

Last Date for Receipt of OMR Application – 1st March 2018
Slot Booking for Online Entrance Examination – 7th April 2018
Online Entrance Examination – 16th April to 30th April 2018
Publication of Result and Counseling Information – 3rd May 2018
Mode of entrance examination – Computer Based Test (Online)

Communication :
** A Candidate’s mobile number and e-mail address are mandatory as they will be used for all communications, till final enrollment is completed.
** The e-mail ID submitted in OMR must be candidate’s personal e-mail ID and will not be permitted to change under any circumstances

Download User Guide :


Nationality :
Resident Indians, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and holders of PIO or OCI card issued by the Government of India are eligible to apply.

Qualifying Examination :
i) Candidates passed Higher Secondary examination (10+2 pattern) or or appearing in Higher Secondary examination in the current academic year.
ii) Major subjects should be Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics / Biology / Botany & Zoology / Biotechnology as major subjects in the full-time stream from any State Board, CBSE, ISCE, Matriculation, or NIOS
iii) International Baccalaureate (IB) with Diploma, or an A-level with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics | Biology / Botany & Zoology / Biotechnology as major subjects from any international school are eligible.

Note :
Candidates should be passed the above Qualifying Examination in not more than 2 attempts. Also the appearance for an improvement will be considered for admission.

Age :
Candidates born between 1st July 1997 and 11 July 2002 are eligible

Direct Admission :
Eligible students :
i) First rank students of all the Central and State Boards in India
ii) Top 1000 rankers in IIT JEE, top rankers in each district of Tamil Nadu
iii) Exemplary Sports Persons at National and International level

Additional Information :
1. It is not meant as acceptance of eligibility if you have been called for entrance test & counseling.
2. The aggregate percentage of marks obtained in PCM / PCB in 12th Standard / equivalent should be calculated up to 3 decimal points and should not be rounded off to the nearest integer.
3. Relevant documents should be submitted in order to get admission to a programme.
4. Accommodation in the University hostels will be subject to availability.
5. The allocation will be done only after the complete payment of the tuition fees and enrollment procedure.

How to Apply

Go to the official website of SRM University and click on the link SRMJEEE (B.Tech) 2018 – Apply Now link.

New Registration

You are required to fill basic registration details in order to receive information regarding your application.

Step 1 : Enter Your Name
Step 2 : Enter Your Email id
Step 3 : Enter Your Mobile Number
Step 4 : Enter any password of your choice
Step 5 : Select your State
Step 6 : Select Your Location
Step 7 : Enter Captcha
Step 8 : Agree to receive information regarding submitted application
Step 9 : Click Apply Button

You will receive verification confirmation message & email will be sent to your id. Click on the link specified on your id for validation

Existing Users Login

Once you complete registration, you can login to apply for particular course.

Step 1 : Enter your email id
Step 2 : Enter your password
Step 3 : Click Login Button

Fill the Basic details first.
Instructions :
All fields marked with * are mandatory to be filled.

Please keep the following self-attested scanned documents ready before filling the application form:
** Class 10th mark sheet and class 12th mark sheet (If passed class 12th)
** Aadhaar Card No./Aadhar Enrollment No.
** Passport sized (dimension 200 x 230 pixels preferred) photograph and signature (dimension 140 x 60 pixels preferred)

After successful submission of the application form, an application number will be generated.

Select Have you studied 10+2 from India or not?

Preferences & Personal Details :
Course and Campus Preferences :
Step 1 : Select Course Preference 1
Step 2 : Select Campus Preference 2
Step 3 : Select Course Preference 1
Step 4 : Select Campus Preference 2

Test City Preferences :
Step 5 : Select Test City Preference 1

Step 6 : Select Title
Step 7 : Enter Last Name
Use . (dot), if you have no last name.
Step 8 : Enter Date of Birth
Step 9 : Select Gender
Step 10 : Enter Alternate Email ID
Step 11 : Select Are You Differently Abled ?
Step 12 : Click Next Button

Parents Details :
Step 13 : Enter Father’s Name
Step 14 : Enter Mother’s Name
Step 15 : Click Next Button

Step 16 : Enter Correspondence Address Line 1
Step 17 : Enter Pincode
Step 18 : Select Is Permanent Address same as Address for Communication?
Step 19 : Click Next Button

Step 20 : Select Current Education Qualification Status
Step 21 : Enter Institute details
Step 22 : Click Next Button

Accept the declaration and click on Make Payment button.

Select option as online or DD and continue to make payment.

Exam Pattern

General – The question paper will be in English only
Mode of Examination – Computer Based Test (Online)
Duration of the Examination – 2 hours and 30 minutes
Types of questions – Multiple Choice Questions

Coverage of Subjects :
Physics 35
Chemistry 35
Mathematics / Biology 35
Scoring Method – Each right answer carries 3 marks; No negative marking
Total Marks – 315

Exam Rules

1. Candidates will be taking a computer based online test at a workstation
2. Candidates are requested to be present at the Test Centre 30 minutes before the starting time of the test as specified in the admit card
3. Do not carry any personal belongings inside the exam centre
4. All are required to produce the Hall Ticket and the original Aadhaar Card (which bears the photograph and date of birth) at the registration desk without which entry will not be allowed.
5. For working purpose, a rough sheet will be provided at the workstation.

6. The administrator is authorised to dismiss any candidate for the rest of the session for any of the following reasons :
** Creating disturbance
** Attempting to take the test on behalf of someone else
** Talking to other examinees
** Attempting to tamper with the computer system – either hardware or software Having calculators, slide rules, pagers, cell phones, concealed microphones, wireless devices or any other material that may aid in answering questions

Hall Ticket

1. The hall ticket will be issued only to those eligible candidates who have submitted their application form complete in all respect, on or before the last date as specified
2. The hall ticket will contain the name, photograph and address of the candidate, address of the Test Centre allotted and test schedule
3. The hall ticket should be downloaded from the candidate’s login / dashboard
4. No candidate will be permitted to attend the test without a valid hall ticket.
5. The hall ticket should be presented to the invigilators for verification
6. It should be preserved and produced at the time of counselling and admission.
7. The candidate must bring his/ her Aadhaar Card along with hall ticket

OMR Application Form Instructions

1. The application form should be filled by the candidate in his / her own handwriting.
2. Only the Original application should be sent.
3. Your application form will be machine-processed. Hence take utmost care in writing with black ink ball-point pen in the boxes
4. If you wish to change a marking, erase the darkened spot completely and make a fresh mark
5. Do not scribble, cut, tear or erase the application form. Do not put any stray pencil marks anywhere on the application form.
6. Your photograph, signature, and e-mail ID are to be machine-scanned. So, paste a recent, good-quality colour photograph of you against a light coloured background. Write your e-mail ID using only a black ink ball-point pen
7. Your application must be complete in all respect. An incomplete application or application filled in a language other than English will be rejected
8. Options, once filled in the application form, cannot be changed at a later stage

Item-wise Instructions :
Item 1: Name of the Candidate
Write your name in CAPITAL LETTERS as given in your 10th Standard school certificate. Write only one letter in a box. Do not leave any blank box between the letters in a word. One box should be left blank between consecutive words of your name. If your name has several initials, leave one blank after each of them. Do not prefix your name with Mr., Ms., etc

Item 2: Gender
Shade as appropriate

Item 3: University Code
Choose one or more campuses as per your choice.
1. SRM Institute of Science & Technology – Chennai
2. SRM University AP – Amaravati
3. SRM University Haryana – Sonepat

Item 4: Date of Birth
Write the date, month and year of your birth as per the English calendar and as recorded in your High School / Higher Secondary Examination certificate.

Item 5: State & Union Territories

Item 6: Contact Mobile Number
Write your mobile number in the space provided. Darken the corresponding numeral under each digit

Item 7: Percentage of Marks (%) obtained in 10th Standard
Write the aggregate percentage marks obtained in 10th Standard

Item 8: 12th Board / Equivalent
Refer to the list given and write the appropriate code in the box provided

Item 9a, 96, 9c: Test City Centres
Refer to the list to choose three test cities (mandatory) as option 1, option 2, and option 3 and write the appropriate code in the space provided.

Item 11: Photograph
Affix one recent (taken not later than a month) good quality colour photograph with light colour background in the space provided for this purpose.

Spectacles if being used regularly are allowed. The photograph should be firmly affixed to the application form. It should not be pinned or stapled. The photograph should not be larger than the space provided in the box for pasting it

Item 12: Signature
Your signature establishes your identity. Hence sign using a black ink ball-point pen, within the box provided

Item 13: Declaration
The candidate must sign the declaration and fill up the place and date. Applications without signatures or with different signatures in Item 12 and Item 13 will be treated as incomplete and rejected

The declaration by the candidate must becountersigned by the parent / guardian


Part 1 Physics :
Unit 1- Units and Measurement
Unit 2- Mechanics
Unit 3- Gravitation, Mechanics of Solids and Fluids
Unit 4- Oscillations and Wave Motion
Unit 5- Heat and Thermodynamics
Unit 6- Ray and Wave Optics
Unit 7- Electricity and Magnetism
Unit 8- Atomic Physics and Relativity
Unit 9- Dual Nature of Matter and Nuclear Physics
Unit 10- Electronics and Communication

PART 2 – Chemistry :
Unit 1- Atomic Structure
Unit 2- States of Matter
Unit 3- Chemical Families – Periodic Properties
Unit 4- Chemical Bonding, Molecular Structure and s-& p – block elements
Unit 5- Chemical Thermodynamics & Energetics
Unit 6- Solutions
Unit 7- Chemical Equilibrium
Unit 8- Electrochemistry
Unit 9-Surface Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Catalysis and Nuclear Chemistry
Unit 10- Purification and Characterisation of Organic Compounds
Unit 11- Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry
Unit 12- Hydrocarbons
Unit 13- Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen
Unit 14- Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
Unit 15- Polymers
Unit 16- Bio Molecules

PART 3 – Mathematics :
Unit 1- Sets, Relations and Functions
Unit 2- Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations
Unit 3- Matrices, Determinants and their applications
Unit 4- Combinatorics
Unit 5- Algebra
Unit 6- Differential Calculus and its Applications
Unit 7- Integral Calculus & Differential Equations of First Order
Unit 8- Analytical Geometry
Unit 9- Vector Algebra

PART 4 – Biology :
Unit 1-Taxonomy of Angiosperm
Unit 2- Plant Anatomy
Unit 3- Cell Biology and Genetics
Unit 4- Biotechnology
Unit 5- Plant Physiology
Unit 6- Biology in Human Welfare

Zoology :
Unit 1 Human Physiology
Unit 2- Microbiology
Unit 3- Immunology
Unit 4- Modern Genetics and Animal Biotechnology
Unit 5- Environmental Science
Unit 6- Applied Biology
Unit 7- Theories of Evolution

Model Questions

Physics :
1. The mean time period of a simple pendulum is 1.92 s. Mean absolute error in the time period is 0.05 s. To
express the maximum estimate of error, the time period should be written as:
(a) T= (1.92 +0.01)s
(b) T = (1.92 #0.25)s
(c) T= (1.92 10.05)s
(d) T= (1.92 10.10)s
2. An aeroplane traveling at a speed of 500 kmph tilts at an angle of 300 as it makes a turn. What is the radius
of the curve?
(a) 341 km
(b) 0.341 km
(c) 3.41 km
(d) 34.1 km
3. A bullet of mass 10 gm moving with a speed of 500 mis gets embedded in a tree after penetrating 5 cm into
it. Calculate the average retarding force exerted by the wood on the bullet and the work done by the wood in
bringing the bullet to stop.
(a) 25 N, 12.50 joule
(b) 25 KN, 1.250 joule
(c) 250 N, 1250 joule
(d) 25 KN, 1250 joule
4. In which one of the following cases will the liquid flow in a pipe be most streamlined?
(a) Liquid of high viscosity and high density flowing through a pipe of small radius
(b) Liquid of high viscosity and low density flowing through a pipe of small radius
(c) Liquid of low viscosity and low density flowing through a pipe of large radius
(d) Liquid of low viscosity and high density flowing through a pipe of large radius
5. For the same pressure and density, the speed of sound is highest in a
(a) Monoatomic gas
(b) Diatomic gas
(c) Triatomic gas
(d) Polyatomic gas

Chemistry :
6. Azidothymidine drug is used for treating patients
(a) Diabetes
(c) Jaundice
(b) AIDS
(d) Tuberculosis
7. What is the value of gas constant R in Jmol-1 K-1
(a) 82.1
(b) 8.314×102
(c) 8.314
(d) 0.0821
8. Which is an example of effusion?
(a) Air slowly escaping from a pinhole in a tire
(b) The aroma of a cooling pie spreading across a room
(c) Helium dispersing into a room after a ballon pops
(d) Oxygen and gasoline fumes mixing in an automobile carburetor
9. The most electronegative and electropositive elements of the first period is/are
(a) H and He
(b) Na and Cl
(c) Li and F
(d) H and H.
10. Mean distance between atoms is in the range of
(a) 25 nm
(c) 0.25 nm
(b) 2.5 nm
(d) 0.025 nm

Biology :
11. What is an argument in favour of using embryonic stem cells over adult stem cells?
(a) Embryonic stem cells are never really living.
(b) Embryonic stem cells can differentiate into many more types of cells.
(c) Adult stem cells cannot be cultured.
(d) Adult stem cells reproduce much faster than embryonic stem cells.
12. Which technique is not used in the transfer of gene into fertilized egg or embryo?
(a) Fusion using polyethylene glycol
(b) Hypotonic lysis
(c) Microinjection
(d) Polymerization
13. Totally unrelated plants are brought together in a single group and those that are closely related are placed
in widely separated groups in the system of classification given by –
(a) Bentahm and Hooker
(b) Carolus Linnaeus
(c) Engler and Prantl
(d) Charles Darwin
14. Morphologically, a
is a group of cells, which are similar in origin, form and function.
(a) tissue
(b) tissue system
(c) organ
(d) organ system
15. The most accepted theory of origin of life is
(a) Special creation theory
(b) Theory of abiogenesis
(c) Oparin haldane theory
(d) Theory of spontaneous generation

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