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Organization : Transport Department, Karnataka
Facility : LL/DL/CL/IDP License Services
State : Karnataka
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Transport Karnataka LL/DL/CL/IDP License Services

All Licence related transactions will be done only through Sarathi-4 at Bangalore RTOs (except RTO, Nelamangala).Go to the link of official web page LL/DL/IDP Service available in the Services Tab in home page.

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Obtain a Learner Licence

Important Note :
a) All Licence related transactions will be done only through Sarathi-4 at Bangalore RTOs (except RTO, Nelamangala).

At present two modes of online applications are made available for LL services.
1. Through Sarathi – 3 (Only in Madhugiri,Jamakhandi & Gokak)
2. Through Sarathi – 4 Sarathi – 4, a centralized web-based application is implemented throughout karnataka state in all RTOs,except Madhugiri,Jamakhandi & Gokak.

LL under Sarathi-3 :
1.Procedure for LL under Sarathi-3 (Madhugiri,Jamakhandi & Gokak):

2.Application and Documents required:
** Proof of Age
** Proof of Address
** 3 Passport size photos
** Prescribed Fees: Rs. 200/- for COV and in addition for each COV Rs.150/- as per CMVR 32 payable at RTO Cash counter/online
** Form-2 of CMVR: To be generated after filling up online application
** Form-1 CMVR: Application cum declaration for physical fitness
** Form-1A CMVR (Certified by registered medical practitioner)
** Medical Certificate for the applicants above 40 years of age
** For fresh LL for transport vehicles irrespective of age.

3.Age Limit
1. Non-transport vehicles (Motor cycle without / with gear, Light Motor Vehicle and others):
** Applicants above 18 years of age are eligible.

2. Transport Vehicles (Motor Cab, A/R Cab, PSV, HTV and others) :
** 20 years and above.
** Applicant should hold a driving licence to drive light motor vehicle (LMV) for atleast one year.

4.Other Requirements for Transport Vehicle:
** Minimum education qualification for obtaining transport vehicles licence should be 8th STD pass (CMVR-8).

5.Where to file an application:
** The applicant can file an application in any of the RTOs of Bangalore irrespective his place of residence / business.
** In districts (outside Bangalore) applicants can file in any of the ARTO / RTO offices within the district.
** The applicant shall present himself before the licencing Authority (ARTO/RTO) along with above application and original documents for verification.

6.Preliminary Test for LL
** Applicants who are already holding LL/DL are exempted from preliminary test (written / oral ) in case of applying for another class of vehicle.
** Applicant to appear for LL Test in the respective RTO/ARTO office.

7.Subjects for Preliminary Test
** Traffic signs & signals, rules of the road regulations made under section 118 of Motor Vehicles Act.
** Duties of driver when his vehicle is involved in an accident resulting in death or bodily injury of a person or damage to property of a third party.
** Precautions to be taken while passing un-manned railway crossing and
** The Documents he should carry with him while driving a vehicle.

8.If passed, where to obtain LL:
Applicants who have passed can collect their learner’s licence within 7 days as per SAKALA (KGSC Act, 2011).

9.If failed, what next ?
** Application along with documents will be returned to the failed applicant
** He can re-appear for the test on the next working day with the application along with the documents.

10.Validity of LL:
** The validity of the learner licence will be for six months and it will not be renewed further. The learner’s licence is valid throughout India.

Request for services on Licence :
1. Select New Learner’s License /New Driving License
2. Click on Continue button.

Applicant Details :
1. Enter Aadhar Card Number *
2. Select State *
3. Select RTO/DTO *
4. Enter Date of Birth : *
5. Enter Applicant name / First Name */Middle Name /Last Name
6. Select Relation * First Name */Middle Name /Last Name
7. Select Gender *
8. Enter Phone / Mobile *
9. Enter Age *
10. Select Place of Birth
11. Select Country of Birth *
12. Select Citizenship Status By *
13. Select Blood Group
14. Enter Email Address
15. Select Education Qualification *
16. Select Identification marks
17. Click on Continue button.
18. If place of birth is out side India, Month & Year when migrated to India
a) Month *
b) Year *
19. Click on Continue button.

Then Fill the remaining details of Address Details /Class of vehicles/Upload Documents then click on Submit button.

Obtain a Duplicate Learner Licence

** Application form in KMV-1A available at the R.T.Os Office .
** Fee Rs.15/- to be paid at the RTO cash counter.
** Proof for having lost learner’s licence (Acknowledgement for having lodged complaint with Police).

** Two recent passport size photographs.
** Applicants can collect their duplicate learner’s licence within 7 days as per SAKALA (KGSC Act, 2011).

Obtain a Driving Licence

Important :
** The applicant can appear for test of competence to drive only after completion of 30 days from the date of issue of learner’s licence.

** The applicant who desires to obtain driving licence for transport vehicle shall have driving training from the authorised motor driving school (Driving Training certificate in Form-5 of CMVR is exempted in case of transport Motor Cab, A/R., Tractor-trailer and Two-Wheeler ).

** To hold driving licence for transport vehicles, the applicant should have minimum education qualification of 8th standard passed (CMV Rule 8).

1.The following procedure has to be followed for obtaining Driving licence :
Application :
** For new Driving license, application Form-4 of CMVR which has to be obtained by printing after applying online through
** 3 recent passport size photographs to be produced
** Valid LL for the class of the vehicle applied

Fees: Payable at the RTO cash counter
** Rs. 200/- for Smart Card (CMV Form 7)
** Rs. 50/- for Driving Test (Test of Competence for each class of vehicle).

Documents required :
** Valid learner’s licence.

** Documents of vehicle in which applicant proposes to appear for test of competence to drive(such as valid Registration Certificate, Insurance Certificate, Tax Card, Pollution under Control Certificate, Fitness Certificate in case of Transport Vehicle).

** In case of transport vehicle, certificate in form-5 of CMVR issued by Driving Training School.
** Self addressed stamped speed post envelope for despatch of Driving License. Same will be sent within 30days as per SAKALA services.

2.How to file an application :
The applicant shall present himself before the Licensing Authority (Driving Licence Section).

Following are the stages in Application Submission in Issuing Driving Licence in the following order
1. Fill Applicant Details

2. Upload Documents
3. Upload Photo and Signature if required (applicable for only some states)
4. DL Test Slot Booking (applicable for only some states)
5. Payment of Fee
6. Click on Continue button.

Application For Driving Licence(DL) :
1. Select appropriate choice holding Learner’s Licence/ holding Foreign DL / holding Defence Licence/Learner’s Licence Details
2. Enter Learner’s Licence Number
3. Enter Date of Birth
4. Click on ok button.

Note: If the Licence number contains space, please enter space
Example: If the LL No: RJ14 /0001234/2017 enter LL number as RJ14<Space>/0001234/2017

3.Test Of Competence To Drive :
** The Inspector of motor vehicles will conduct the test of competence to drive vehicle as per the procedures laid down under the rule 15 of Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 (Refer for more details). After satisfaction about the driving skills, the testing authority will pass his remarks about the issue of driving licence. The License Authority will pass an order for issue of driving licence.

** Applicants should present himself for capturing of bio-metrics (photograph + signature + thumb impression)

4.For passed applicants, where to obtain the DL :
** DL will be despatched through speed post within 30 days as per SAKALA (KGSC Act, 2011)

5.For Failed applicants :
** The applicant failed in test of competence can collect his application along with documents and can reappear for the test after 7 days by paying the test fees of Rs. 50/-.
** If the applicant does not pass even after three driving tests, he shall not be qualified to reappear for such test not before 60 days.

6.Currency Of Driving Licence :
** Driving licence is valid throughout India.
** Driving licence will be issued for 20 years or 50 years of age whichever is earlier for non-transport vehicles (Motor cycle, Car/Jeep, Agri. Tractor, etc.)
** Driving licence issued for transport vehicle will be valid for three (3) years and to be renewed every three (3) years thereafter.

Obtain a Duplicate Driving Licence

Duplicate Driving Licence can be obtained in case :
** Lost
** Mutilation
** Destroyed
** Torn

1.Application :
** Application form in KMV 1 available at the enquiry counter.
** Acknowledgement of the Police complaint
** Affidavit sworn before the Notary (for having not misused the DL or if found in future will be returned to the concerned RTO).
** In case of mutilated/soiled/torn driving licence such licence has to be surrendered along with the application form.
** Self addressed stamped postal cover for dispatch of Driving License. Same will be sent within 30 days as per SAKALA services.

2.Fees : (payable at the RTO cash counter)
** Rs.15/- for DL Book (or)
** Rs. 200/- for Smart Card.

3.Where to File an Application :
The application with above documents has to be submitted to licensing authority where the license was issued(Driving Licence Section). The duplicate driving licence will be delivered within 30 days as per SAKALA service.

When & How to Renew Driving Licence

** DL holders of heavy transport vehicles should undergo one day refresher course as per the Government Notification dated: 16.10.2015 at the Departmental Heavy Vehicle Driver Training Institute.

The following procedure has to be followed for Renewal of Driving licence :
1.Application for renewal of driving licence can be made within 30 days from the date of expiry of validity of driving licence before the licensing authority who granted the licence

Application & Documents :
** Application Form-9 of CMVR available at our website

** Application-cum-declaration as to the physical fitness in form Form-1 of CMVR and Medical Certificate in form Form-1A of CMVR in case of applicant who completed 50 years of age issued by registered medical practitioner

** 2 recent passport size photographs needed 1 for application form and 1 for medical certificate

** Original driving licence to be enclosed.
** Self addressed stamped postal cover for despatch of Driving License. Same will be sent within 30 days as per SAKALA (KGSC Act, 2011).

Fees: (payable at the RTO cash counter):
** Rs. 250/- for Renewal of Smart card DL.
** In respect of renewal of driving licence, if application is made after the grace period (after 30 days of expiry of DL) Rs. 50/- and an additional fee of Rs. 50/- for a period of delay of one year or part thereof reckoned from the date of expiry of grace period.

2.Where to file an application :
The application with above documents has to be submitted to licensing authority.(Driving Licence Branch).

** The driving licence will be renewed for the period of five years in respect of Non-Transport Vehicle and three years for Transport vehicles.

** The renewed driving licence will be delivered within 30days, through speed post as per SAKALA (KGSC Act, 2011).

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