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West Bengal Police Online Payment of Traffic Fines through GRIPS :

Organization : West Bengal Traffic Police
Service Name : Online Payment of Traffic Fines through GRIPS
Applicable State: West Bengal
Website :

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West Bengal Payment of Traffic Fines

Now you can pay traffic fines through GRIPS online via wbtrafficpolice in West Bengal.

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CSR Status

Go to the official website of wbtrafficpolice provided above. Click the link Online Payment of Traffic Fines through GRIPS as shown below.

Please provide the following details to initiate your online payment. You shall be directed to the GRIPS interface and back to our website once the online transaction is complete.

Always remember to note the GRN No. generated at the next GRIPS payment interface for reference/correspondence.

Please fill up the form below to process your Traffic fine payments via GRIPS

Step 1 : Enter Depositor’s Name in the Text Box (Eg : Rajib Kanti Maitra)
Step 2 : Enter Your Mobile Number (10 Digits only) (Eg : 9999999999)
Step 3 : Enter Your Vehicle Number (Eg : WB06F597)
Step 4 : Select Your Office Name From Drop Down List (Eg : DY. Comm of Police(HQ), Howrah)
Step 5 : Select Your Police Station (Eg : Liluah PS)
Step 6 : Enter Your Section (Eg : Howrah Sadar)
Step 7 : Enter Your Compound Slip Number (Eg : 5484875)
Step 8 : Enter Compounding Officer Name (Eg : Rahul)
Step 9 : Select Issue Date From the Calendar
Step 10 : Select Payment Mode From Drop Down List (Eg : Debit Card Payment)
Step 11 : Enter Your Amount to be paid (Eg : 1000)
Step 12 : Click Pay Now Button

(*) Marked fields Compulsory Fields.

Dos and Dont’s

Blue circle instructs what should be done.
Dos :
** Walk on any side of the road if there are footpaths.
** Use Zebra Crossing, Foot Overbridge & Subways to cross the roads.
** Cross the road when the vehicles are at a safe distance.
** Wear light coloured dresses during night.
** Avoid busy roads.
** Keep a safe distance from fast motorised vehicles.
** Give proper indications before stopping or turning.
** Always wear helmet/seatbelt.
** Always wear your seat belt.
** Follow the speed limits.
** Plan your route out in advance for visiting Durga Puja for long car trips and keep a map.

Red circle instructs what should not be done.
Don’ts :
** Don’t cross the road hastily by running.
** Don’t jump over the railings to cross the road.
** Don’t ride holding on to other fast moving vehicle.
** Don’t play your car stereo so loudly that you are disruptive to others, or so loudly that you are unable to hear train signals or emergency vehicle sirens.
** Don’t Drink and drive, and don’t get in a car with a driver who has been drinking or using drugs.
** Don’t Talk on your cell phone and drive at the same time. If you need to make or answer a telephone call while you are driving, pull over at a safe place, use the phone, and then resume your journey.
** Don’t Use ear phone while you crossing the road.
** Don’t Leave valuables in your car, especially in places where they can be seen, no matter where you are parked.

Complaint Registration

You can register complaint online via this portal. Click the Complaint link as shown below.

In case of any complaint against Taxi /Auto/ Rickshaw / Mini Bus / Bus or any kind of traffic violations, please fill in this card and Mail it to us. Indicate incident using codes provided below.

Step 1 : Select the complaint category you wish to apply for (Eg : Demanding excess Fare ) [You can select more than one]
Step 2 : Enter Your Complaints Description in the Message Box provided

Step 3 : Enter Your Place or Location (Eg : Howrah)
Step 4 : Enter Your Type of Vehicle (Eg : Car)
Step 5 : Enter Your Vehicle No. (Eg : WN04B5197)
Step 6 : Enter Your Name (Eg : Rahul)
Step 7 : Enter Your Telephone No.(Eg : 9898989898)
Step 8 : Enter Your Email (Eg : abcde @
Step 9 : Enter Your Address (Eg : 12, Bypass Road, Howrah)
Step 10 : Enter the Verification code as shown in image
Step 11 : Click Submit Button

Asterisk (*) marked fields are mandatory.
N.B.:Your Complaint does not constitute an FIR. For Lodging an FIR the traditional system of lodging it at the police station prevails.


What documents should a driver carry when driving?
** Driving license
** Registration Certificate
** Taxation Certificate
** PUC Certificate
** Insurance Certificate
** Fitness Certificate & Permit (incase of transport vehicles)

What is fine or penalty for using Mobile while driving?
As per section 177 of Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, a fine of Rs.100/- shall be imposed for using mobile while driving. But, if it causes further inconvenience or is hazardous to the road users, then the driver may be fined for negligent driving, for which fine is Rs.1000/- and compounding fee is Rs.500/-.

What should I do after depositing the citation case fine at the designated bank?
After deposit of fine you should go to concerned PS or Traffic Guard with the receipt for further necessary action.

What is the rule regarding use of helmets while driving a Scooter or Motor Cycle?
Wearing helmet is compulsory. Violators will be charged U/Sec.177 of M.V.Act-1988 for which fine is Rs.100/-

What is the rule for use of Mobile Phone while driving?
As per section 218(3)/177MVA no driver while driving or riding a motor vehicle (including two wheelers) shall use a mobile phone

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