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Organisation : Bangalore Water Supply & Sewerage Board
Facility: Water Bills Viewing & Online Payment
Location : Bangalore
Website :

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How To Do BWSSB Water Bills Online Payment?

Consumers can register at to view and make their water bill payment online.

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Go to the official website of BWSSB and click Pay your bills online.

Step 1 : Enter your BWSSB – Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board username.
Step 2 : Enter the password that accompanies your username.
Step 3 : Click Login Button

Consumer cannot login without activate his/her account

Consumer can pay the application fee by online. Consumer should provide valid card number, Expiry date and code for payment

Consumer will receive confirmation message of payment. They can also view their payment bill on Payment history page

My Application :
Consumer should login and submit their applications. They need to provide all details with proper address where connection is required. It allows to add building built up area and floor wise square feet.

All necessary documents i.e. building image, building plan, support of beneficiary document and address plan are mandatory for this application

File can be select by clicking on Browse Button. Consumer needs to upload file size of max 3MB by clicking on Upload Images Button.

They can also upload more files by clicking on Add More Plus Button
It only accepts JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF files are allowed with maximum size 3MB/file

Reset Button : It allows to reset all values on fields
Save Button : It allows to save all details with or without uploading documents. Consumer able to edit and save details.
Confirm Button : It allows to submit the application with all mandatory fields .Once the application is submitted it would not allow to edit any fields hence all Buttons would be disabled.

Forgot password :
Click Forgot Password link available in the login page.

Enter Username or e-mail address to request new password.

New User Registration

Ckick New Regsitration link available in the home page.

Step 1 : Enter your First Name
Step 2 : Enter your Last Name
Step 3 : Enter your RR Number
You must enter *8 digit RR Number* to View & Pay Bills. Ex. if * W-199938/HC49-108* is printed on the monthly water bill, the RR Number to be entered is *W-199938*,the first 8 characters before the slash ‘/

Step 4 : Enter Username
Spaces are allowed; punctuation is not allowed except for periods, hyphens, apostrophes, and underscores.
Step 5 : Enter your E-mail address
A valid e-mail address. All e-mails from the system will be sent to this address. The e-mail address is not made public and will only be used if you wish to receive a new password or wish to receive certain news or notifications by e-mail.
Step 6 : Enter Password
Provide a password for the new account in both fields.
Step 7 : Confirm Password
Step 8 : Enter your Mobile Number

Step 9 : Enter your Address
Step 10 : Enter the characters shown in the image
Step 11 : Click Create New Account Button

How To Apply For BWSSB New Water Connection?

Click on the link Apply for new connection available in the home page of BWSSB.

Click on New Registration link as shown below.

Step 1 : Enter Applicant’s Name
Step 2 : Enter your Email ID
Step 3 : Enter your Mobile No
Step 4 : Enter Password
Step 5 : Re-type Password
Step 6 : Verify Captcha
Step 7 : Click Register Button

Buy New Application : Get your new application online and easy to apply for a new water connection in your division
Verify Application : Submit your necessary documents and concerned BWSSB authority will verify your application
Track your application : BWSSB officers will approve your application stage by stage. Track your application status from your inbox
Payment to BWSSB : Pay your Connection bill online only by one click
Approve Application : Your application get approved only after payment and Verification
Generated RR Number : Congratulations!!! You have received your new water connection

Documents Needed :
1. Beneficiary Capital Contribution Receipt (GBWASP)
2. Sanctioned Plan/ Tax paid Receipt
3. Address Proof (Absolute Deed/ Ration Card/ Electric Bill/ Telephone Bill/ along with Rs.20/- Stamp Paper)
4. Permission for Road Cutting not necessary

Note: Log in with the same registered user name and password to know the application status.

Reset Password :
Click Reset Password link if you forgot your password.

Step 1 : Enter your Email ID
Step 2 : Verify Captcha
Step 3 : Click Change Password Button


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) On BWSSB

How to Buy New Application?
Login with registered email id and password, click on buy application (100 rs) it re-directs to payment gateway, select your card type and make the payment and once the payment is successful it is re directed to the New application page.

If in case of transaction failure while buying new application , will the amount be deducted ? if deducted will it be refunded?
While making payment if the transaction fails and the amount is deducted the amount will be refunded by payment gateway merchant in a very short time.

How to fill New Application?
Almost all the fields in the application are important and need to be filled with correct information and required documents need to be attached without fail for smooth processing of the application.
Note : fields mentioned with (*) are mandatory fields.

Can the application be saved as drafts and submit it later as in when required?
The application can be filled and saved as draft by clicking on save Button, later it can be edited as required.
Note : If the application is confirmed, it cannot be edited anytime soon until the application is received back from AEE (if any) information need to be updated from your end.

How do we know whether the application has been submitted to AEE of the concerned sub division?
Next to application page tab there is tab called status, by clicking on this tab you can view your application status stage wise and designation wise i.e. at what stage the application is and with whom the application is with along with their designation’s.

On what basis the application gets sorted and gets submitted to the concerned sub division AEE ?
Based on the Ward number & Service area selected, it gets sorted/filtered accordingly and will be submitted automatically to the concerned sub division AEE.

If in case the ward number, service area selected is wrong in the application due to manual error and application is not submitted to AEE of the concerned sub division then how do i get to correct it or how do I get to know?
The AEE (other sub divison) who receives your application can change the ward number and service area depending on your connection address and update it or he/she can send back the application to you to correct it and re-submit/re-confirm once again so that it gets submitted to the concerned sub division AEE.

How will BWSSB employees contact us if they have any queries or any information they have to update us regarding the application?
The engineers will send message from their login, which can be seen in an Inbox tab or they will get in touch through call (registered number) provided in the application.

Will there be any kind of prior intimation regarding BWSSB engineers visit to the connection address for inspection purpose?
Yes, the engineer (AE/JE) will call and inform you regarding their inspection visit to the connection address in prior.

Is it possible to change the plumber after submitting the application to BWSSB?
Yes, the plumber details can be changed any time in the plumber details tab before making the final payment for new connection.

Answered Questions

I have not received the water bill of my residence ( 9623 Domestic) till date. Last date is over. I am trying from so many corners to know the amount. Can you help me to know the amount I have pay urgently.
Login and click on “View & Pay Bills”. Confirm the RR Number and click on “Proceed”. Select the Bill Details tab, where you can view and also print/ save your bill for the current month and also for the last six months.

I have 30×45 two floors commercial building. How much I have to pay as a fees to get new connection?
Prescribed Fee :
a DD in favour of Chairman, BWSSB
** a Meter Charges – Rs. 850/-
** a Inspection Fee -Rs. 250/-
** a Three months minimum Fee -Rs.315/-
** a Connection Fee -Rs. 25/-
** a Sewage line Fee – Rs. 600/-

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  1. Please let me know, is there any website for viewing bill payments.

  2. Firstly we are not able to login at all. Login button is deactivated.
    Secondly when we click on online payment it is taking us to Hyderabad water supply board. Have you checked this ?.
    Please make it simple like BSNL or mobile service providers.

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