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Organisation : Karnataka Postal Circle
Facility: Confirm Your ePayment
State : Karnataka
Website :

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How To Confirm Your ePayment?

You can now Confirm Your ePayment by following the below steps. Click on the link “Confirm Your ePayment” available in the home page.

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Step 1 : Select Department
Step 2 : Enter Your Application ID
Step 3 : Click Check Status Button

Pick Up Service In Bangalore

India Post offers following services for your mails.
** Speed post booking available upto 20.00 hrs at selected post offices.
** Avail the services of pick up of bulk mails ( speed post, parcel, registered post and ordinary etc) on regular basis on call / SMS / Log on to

Name of the Postal Division Landline Phone number Mobile Number Email id
Bangalore National Sorting Hub Tollfree -18004253443


  speedpostbangalore [AT]
Bangalore General Post Office 22863344, 22850029 9480885791 cpmbggpo [AT]
Post Offices under Bangalore East Division 25550778 9449849284


speedeastpickup [AT]
Post Offices under Bangalore South Division 26539722, 22440309 9449848987


ssposbgsouthbd [AT]
Post Offices under Bangalore West Division 23493235, 23493263 9449849221


sspwest10 [AT]

How To Order Your Pick Up?

You can Order Your Pick Up by following the below steps.
Step 1 : Enter Name of Firm/Individual
Step 2 : Enter Address
Step 3 : Enter Pincode
Step 4 : Enter Contact No
Step 5 : Enter Pickup Date
Step 6 : Enter Pickup Time
Step 7 : Enter Total No of Articles
Step 8 : Enter Total Weight of Articles (Approximate)
Step 9 : Click Submit Button

IFS Money Order

​International Financial System(IFS) is software developed by UPU to coordinate international remittance services among the partner countries. At present the service is operational with La Poste Group, France and UAE.​

Website :

Features :
** This service is India Post’s own service.
** The remittances received under this service are being paid through our eMO service.
** Remittances can be received at any of the 17,500 post offices on eMO network.
** The Payee receives the full amount in Indian Rupees.
** Remittances up to INR 50,000 can be received in cash.
** Amount exceeding INR 50,000 to be paid through Cheque subject to a maximum limit of USD 2500.
** Maximum of 30 transactions per person per year.
** Beneficiary has to furnish Unique MO Number (9 digits in case of UAE and 26 digits in case of France) along with valid identification documents like Voter ID Card, Driving License, PAN Card, Ration Card, Aadhar Card, Passport etc.
** A copy of such document has to be handed over to Post Office staff for their record (KYC Documents).
** Same day payment for remittances booked before cut-off time.
** Payments subject to RBI Guidelines from time to time.
** Payment can be collected from identified Post offices.

Instant Money Order (iMO)

India Post presents Instant Money ​Order (iMO), the instant on-line money transfer service that is instant, convenient,reliable and affordable.​ You can transfer money from INR 1,000/- to INR 50,000/- from designated iMO Post Offices.

iMO Booking Procedure :
** Fill up the “To Remit Payment” (TRP-1) form and submit it with money at iMO Post Office Counter.
** iMO Counter clerk after booking the iMO immediately will give a printed receipt with computer generated confidential 16 digit iMO number in a sealed condition.
** Even the 16 digit iMO number will not be known to booking clerk.
** Customer is required to tear off the seal and convey the confidential 16 digit iMO number to the receiver over phone, SMS, e-mail, etc. at his means and risk.

iMO Delivery Procedure :
** Receiver to present the 16 digit iMO number at any designated iMO post office counter and will fill up and submit a “To Make Payment” (TMP-1) form along with a copy of his personal identity proof.
** Receiver can receive the payment in cash up to INR 50,000.
** He can also receive the payment through his post office savings bank account in the same iMO office.

Photo Identity :
** Voter’s Identity Card
** PAN Card
** Ration Card with photo of the receiver
** Post Office Identity Card
** Driving License
** Passport
** School / College Identity Card
** Official Identity Card
** Adhaar Card ​

In case the Photo Identity Card has a valid expiry date the same is to be mentioned in ‘To Make Payment’ (TMP-1) Form​

Tariff :
Remittance | Commission in INR :
1000-10000 100
10001-30000 110
30001-50000 120

Electronic Money Order​

​A money order is an order issued by the Post Office for the payment of a sum of money to the person whose name the money order is sent through the agency of the Post Office. The advantage of sending money to someone through money order is that the money is delivered at the house or his place of stay.

Procedure of sending the Money Order :
** Buy a money order form at the counter of the post office.
** Fill in ink the necessary entries adding his signature of thumbs marks at the foot.
** A form without signature or thumb mark or incomplete in any respect will not be accepted.
** All entries made in the form must be legible and may be written in English, Hindi ot in the language of the district either by the remitter himself of by any one on his behalf.
** The remitter may write on the coupon any communication he desires to make to the payee.
** The amount for which a single money order may be issued must not exceed Rs 5000/-
** The money order form duly filed in, together with the amount of the money order and commission either in cash or by Cheque be presented at the post office counter.
** A receipt will be given for the amount paid by him on account of the money order and commission.
** After the money is paid to the payee the remitter of money order receives an acknowledgement of payment of the amount of the money order signed by the payee or his authorized agent.
** If the acknowledgment is not received in a reasonable time, a certificate of payment signed by the Postmaster of the office will be given on application.

Contact :
Speed Post Customer Care :
Toll Free : 1800 425 3443
** 080 22861435
** 080 22861390
** 080 22867302

ePayment Customer Care :
Phone Support : 9:30am to 6:00pm (Monday to Friday)
** 080 22392668
** 080 22392661

FAQs On ePayment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On ePayment

I have paid amount on 21/7/17. How can I confirm ePayment? Please help me.
Go to the link of “Karnataka Postal Circle” website as given in the post & Then go to the “Confirm Your ePayment” link provided there. Select the Department and Enter your Application ID to check your ePayment Status.

How can we get the confirmation of the payment made in E-payment mode?
To check the E-payment status you can use the following link :
** If you use this link a web page will be opened, in which you can choose the department name and enter your application ID.
** Now press “submit” and you can check the status.

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  1. I want to check the payment status but, the site is not opening.

  2. I want to check my E-payment. The link which you have mentioned above is not opening. So, please do the needful as soon as possible as because 28th March 2018 is our last date.

  3. I am from Bommanahalli. I have paid my RRB Patna exam fees Rs.265 on 21/03/19 in Bangalore post office. But in the application, it is not updated. Please check.

    Challan Number : 540015348
    Registration Number : 1240054348
    Inv : Sl0020830011553142295

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