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KWA Kerala Pay, View Bill & Ledger Online : Water Authority

Organization : Kerala Water Authority
Facility : Pay, View Bill/ Ledger Online
State : Kerala
Website :

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How To Pay KWA Kerala Water Bill Online?

To Pay/View KWA Kerala Water Bill/Ledger Online, Follow the below steps

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Click Online Payment link available under Online Services tab.

To pay the water bill online, you have to sign in using Consumer ID and Password

Name, Address, Bill No, bill date, bill amount will be displayed and then click the “Proceed” button. After clicking “Proceed”, the page will be forwarded to the BillDesk site where the consumer has to opt the payment option and furnish the details as required to make the payment

An output containing the Name, Address and payment details will be generated. This output can be printed out or saved for future references.

After successfully completing the payment, the consumer can go back to the home page using the “Back to home page” link or log out using the “Log Out” link

An additional charge of Rs. 10/- per transaction for net banking will be charged.
** 2% of the transaction value for credit cards.
** For failed transaction the debited amount will be reversed back to your account within the time limit of the designated bank.

How To Do New User Registration?

If you are a new user you are required to create a new account by following the below guidelines. Go to online payment link to register for an account & Click Create New Account available in the sign in page.

Step 1 : Enter Consumer Number
Step 2 : Enter Email ID
Step 3 : Enter Consumer ID
Step 4 : Enter Password
Step 5 : Re-type Password
Step 6 : Select Payment Option
Step 7 : Enter the code shown
Step 8 : Click Create Account Button

Forgot Password :
Please mail to ‘onlinepayment [AT]’ for further assistance

Online Ledger :
Go to the link of Online Ledger as shown below.

Step 1 : Enter Consumer Number or Consumer ID
Step 2 : Enter the code shown
Step 3 : Click view Ledger Button

How To Apply For New Water Connection?

Go to the link of New Water Connection available under online services tab and follow the below steps to apply for new water connection.

Step 1 : Enter User Name
Step 2 : Enter Password
Step 3 : Click Login Button

If you are a new user click create new account tab under sign in page.

Step 1 : Enter First Name
Step 2 : Enter Last Name
Step 3 : Select Date Of Birth
Step 4 : Create Username
Step 5 : Enter Email
Step 6 : Enter Mobile No
Step 7 : Accept I understand that my personal information will be stored in the user database for registration and login purposes
Step 8 : Enter Text Verification Code
Step 9 : Click Sign Up Button

Forgot Password :
Click Forgot Password link available under the page of login.

Step 1 : Enter Email Address
Step 2 : Enter Text Verification
Step 3 : Click Next Button

Ownership Change :
Ownership of water connections can be changed when there is a change in ownership and shall be affected only based on written application in the prescribed form along with the Ownership certificate from the local body to the Assistant Executive Engineer.

The change of ownership is allowed only after clearing all water charge dues, arrears if any, remitting of transfer fee and executing the fresh water supply agreement in stamp paper worth Rs.200/-. If the water meter is not working, new owner will have to replace the meter also.Fee for this service : Rs 20/-

Download Ownership Change Form :

Alteration :
i) Inside Installation :
Inside installations means all the pipes, specials, valves, cocks, taps, other fittings and appurtenances laid beyond the water meter within the customers premises and shall include the service pipe and water connections also.

Inside installations shall be laid only with prior sanction in accordance with the plan and specifications approved by the Assistant Executive Engineer.

No connection shall be established between any water supply main and the inside installations except through the authority, and only after the inside installations have been accepted by the Assistant Executive Engineer. Application form No .VII

ii) Extension, Alteration and Repairs :
Alteration, extension shall be made to the existing installations only after obtaining sanction from the concerned Assistant Executive Engineer and in accordance with the sanctioned plan and specifications. The work has to be arranged through a licensed plumber.

The prior sanction of the Assistant Executive Engineer is required in case of repairs carried out from the ferrule to meter point in other words Service Line(Ferrule to Meter Point).

Repairs to be done by party at their own cost but with proper sanction and knowledge, and under departmental supervision. KWA may also arrange repair, but at the cost of the customer.

Download Form :


Water connections can be disconnected temporarily for a minimum period of three months and a maximum period of 12 months as per the request of the consumers in the prescribed application form to the Assistant Executive Engineer along with the remittance of application fee, disconnection fee and all dues.

Water connections are liable to be disconnected for the following reasons:
1. Furnishing false details while applying for the water connection
2. Non-payment of water charges
3. Unauthorised usage
4. Misuse or wastage of water
5. Demolition of existing building
6. Shortage of water – (in case of non-domestic and special casual connections only)

1. Request by the party
2. On clearing of pending dues
3. Reconnection by Dept.

Download Disconnection Form :

Meter Related :
Replace Meter :
The consumer shall repair or replace the defective water meter within 30 days, with the concurrence of KWA, on receipt of notice, at his cost. In case of default, a surcharge at the rate of 25% on the monthly water charges for the first month after the expiry of the notice period, 50% for the next two months and 100% beyond that period shall be levied.

In case of continued default, the Assistant Executive Engineer shall have the power to disconnect the water supply to the premises without further notice.

Meter Stolen :
Inform Water Authority and a complaint has to be registered in local Police Station. Get the FIR from the Police station and contact section office for further action. A request has to be given to concerned AE along with the above FIR for restoration of water connection.

Based on the inspection report of AE, the AEE orders to restore the connection after collecting the restoration charges. Consumer has to provide the new meter.

Damage of water meter :
The responsibility of the safe custody and sound condition of the water meter is vested with the consumer. If the water meter is seen damaged, the Assistant Engineer must be informed in writing and the consumer has to produce a sound meter tested by the KWA and has to remit the meter replacement charge.

Meter Testing :
If you feel that your meter is not registering the correct consumption you can get the meter tested for its accuracy from the Authority after remitting the required fee. (Form RA3). If on testing, it is found that there is a variation of plus or minus 10% or more the last meter reading will be corrected accordingly and billed.

Download Meter Testing Form :

Answered Questions On KWA Kerala

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)/ Answered Questions On KWA Kerala

My complaint number is #E30/3032/N. I have made an excess metering complaint. When will I expect a reply?
Go to the link “” to view your complaint status.

I wish to pay water bill online. Please help me.
You are required to create an account with your credentials to pay water bill online via this portal.

I Forgot My Password. When I Create A New One It Wont Allow. Already Created CON ID 2114117113 and CON NO VAZ/4743/D. Please Advice Me In Correct Way.
Please mail to ‘onlinepayment[AT]’ for further assistance

Why are you putting so much confusion to pay the bill online?
You have to create a new account and need to login with your customer id and password to pay your bill.

Can you explain, why the water authority provided third party payment processing with additional charge ? KSEB , they hosted their own computer server for payment processing.
Particulars | Fees (Rs.) :
New water connection :
Cost of Application form 15
Domestic connection 500
Non-domestic connection 1000
Industrial Connection 1000
Special Casual Connection 1000

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  1. There is no online registration for making payment of water bill. Only quick pay option is available under online services.

  2. How can I get previus bill payment receipt?

  3. Do we need to pay any amount to water authority for repair leakage of water pipe which broken under the transporation road.

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