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Organization : Medi Assist Healthcare Services
Facility : Track Claim & Download E-Card
Applicable For : All India
Website :

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How To Track Medi Assist Claim?

Tracking your claim is much simpler and at your finger tips. Just let us know few parameters about yourself and we will take care of rest.

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You can track the status by SMS method.

SMS “CLAIMS <claim number>” to +91 96631 49992 to know the claim status

Eg: CLAIMS 99999999 and send SMS to above number

Online :
Go to the official home page of Medi Assist provided above. Go to the claims page to track status. Claims link is available top most panel of website.

You can check the status using your Claim ID, Medi Assist ID & Employee ID.
Claim Id :
Step 1 : Select the option to check status (Eg : Claim Id)
Step 2 : Enter the value of your selection (Eg : 452632)
Step 3 : Select Your Date of Hospitalization in the respective text box From the Calendar (Eg : 12/05/2014)
Step 4 : Then Click View Button.

Medi Assist ID :
Search with Medi Assist ID by entering your id in the respective text box. Then click on View Button.

Employee ID :
Step 1 : Select the option to check status (Eg : Employee Id)
Step 2 : Enter Your Employee ID (Eg : 12345)
Step 3 : Enter Your Company’s name (Eg : XYZ Ltd)
Step 4 : Enter Your Date of Hospitalization (Eg : 12/05/2014)
Step 5 : Then Click View Button.

How To Download Medi Assist E-Card?

Don’t have your Medi Assist e-card yet? Get it now!

Getting your E-Card is much simpler and at your finger tips. Just let us know few parameters about yourself and we will take care of rest.
You can download E-Card online by following the below steps. Click the link E-Card available in the top panel of website.
Your eCard identifies you as a MediBuddy member who can avail Cashless facilities at a Network Hospital

Step 1 : Select the option by which you like to search
** Medi Assist ID
** Employee ID
** Policy No.
** Claim ID

Step 2 : Enter the value of your selection
Step 3 : Verify Your Name
Step 4 : Then Click View Button

FAQs On MediBuddy

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) On MediBuddy

How many days in advance do I need to book an appointment?
You need to book an appointment for a service at least 2 days in advance.

In case of advance online payment, will I be refunded the full amount for not making an appearance on the day of the appointment?
Yes, you will be entitled to a full refund of the amount.

Can I purchase a service only for the beneficiaries of my health insurance policy?
All outpatient services on MediBuddy are available to everyone! Even those who are not covered under your health insurance policy can benefit from the outpatient services on MediBuddy.

Are any documents required in order to use the outpatient services from MediBuddy?
You will be required to carry a copy of the confirmation e-mail while going for your health check or consultation. For ordering medicines, you will be required to upload a copy of the prescription and show the original upon delivery or prescription pick-up.

How to search for an outpatient service on MediBuddy?
Simply click on the icon for your chosen service, choose your city and enter the details in the search box to narrow down your search.

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  1. My LIC Employee ID is 905140 and Date of birth is 20/07/1954. I have not received my eCard yet. Please check it.

  2. my lic employee id 01070334 and date of birth is 15-04-1974.i have not receive my e card.please check it

  3. my agency code is 00651844 but e card is not download

  4. Dear Sir,

    I have resigned my previous work in company, but im looking forward to continue my medclaim policy,is there any option?

  5. My name KM MANI LIC EMLOYER ID NUMBER 15468707,con’t downlode my ecard


  7. E-Card, Ramesh Thakuria lic Code No 0127948H.

  8. MY name is D.C.SRIVASTAVA my BEL Employee ID 205260 and date of birth is 08-0-1951.i have not receive my e card.please check it

  9. My Name is Ramesh Thakuria,my id 0127948H, my DOB 14/07/1974.I haven’t download my E-Card,pls send my E-Card.thank

  10. My MA-ID : 4034046268 I am unable to download mu e-card. Please help,

  11. my lic employee id 277896 and date of birth is 05-02-1992.i have not receive my e card.please check it

  12. My LIC code 01823812 I have not received my e card.

  13. Rabindranath misra

    Ihave tried somanytimes for my e cards but theritshws that the user notvalid one sokindly sendmyecards iamastaffof bankof baroda. Berhampurmainbranch odisa my id is kindly solvemyprobem as soon as possible. Thankingyou

  14. Ganesh Chandra Sharma

    My agency code 04905262 Branch Mathura 1st But card not download

  15. Balakoteswararao.Badugu

    Iam jagati publications employ iam not able to download e medical problem

  16. Hello my self gopal singh tomar from lic of india dbo (231) kanpur my agency code is 07468231 but many many time I have tried to download my e card but not successful till time so please help me and system should be some easy-to-use for such kind of problems my mail id gopal. So please send me my e card as soon as possible.

  17. My agency code is 0118852D I tried manny time download my mediclaim e card but not reacive e card please help me how to reacive my mediclaim e card

  18. My.Agency code no. Is 43826111 LIC OF INDIA pl. My cardis not down load . Pl.send me the latest cash less e card. Thanks Vijay kumar

  19. My sr no 5260 policy with indianbank retirees association.unable to download e card

  20. my agency code No.02105626 & i search my E-Card unable to download. please help to get my E-Card



  22. Kailash Chand Khandelwal


  23. Ravindra Kumar Sharma

    My agency code 01078XXX
    Branch Office 279 Kasganj
    my name Ravindra Kumar Sharma
    my DOB 07/01/1959
    Pl.send my ecard.

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