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UIDAI Aadhaar Authentication : Unique Identification Authority of India

Organization : Unique Identification Authority of India
Facility : Aadhaar Authentication, to check if your Aadhaar card has been used illegally.
Country : India
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UIDAI Aadhaar Authentication

Some days back, we faced a problem in getting aadhaar card. Then details of aadhaar card were reported to be leaked in several places. But the UIDAI has strictly stated that, none of the users’ personal information has been hacked yet.

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In this situation, one of the Twitter user raised another complaint that his aadhaar number has already been linked to five mobile numbers without his knowledge.

So the UIDAI has brought a solution to this and created a facility to view Authentication details or Fetch your aadhaar authentication history (Notifications) data, about where our aadhaar number has been used over the past six months.

If it was used, you can raise a complaint by dialing UIDAI’s phone number, 1945.

Go to the below link for aadhaar authentication
You are required to hold a mobile number registered with Aadhaar Number to view authentication details.

Authentication Link :

Step 1 : Enter UID
Step 2 : Enter Security Code
Step 3 : Generate OTP Button

All letters are case sensitive
* Marked are mandatory fields

Step 1 : Select Authentication Type
On this page the drop down menu contains the Authentication Type. Select ALL in it. (Or you can only choose the type of your choice)
Step 2 : Select Date Range
Enter the date from which data is needed. This can be done through a maximum of 6 months
Step 3 : Enter No of Records
Next, let us know how many entries should be viewed. (Maximum of 50 entries)
Step 4 : Enter Received OTP
The OTP number will be returned to the mobile number you registered when aadhaar purchased.
Step 5 : Click Submit Button

Now, you have information about where you used your aadhaar number in the last 6 months.

Aadhaar Authentication Offerings

Type 1 Authentication :
Through this offering, service delivery agencies can use Aadhaar Authentication system for matching Aadhaar number and the demographic attributes (name, address, date of birth, etc) of a resident.

Type 2 Authentication :
This offering allows service delivery agencies to authenticate residents through One-Time-Password (OTP) delivered to resident’s mobile number and/or email address present in CIDR.

Type 3 Authentication :
Through this offering, service delivery agencies can authenticate residents using one of the biometric modalities, either iris or fingerprint.

Type 4 Authentication :
This is a 2-factor authentication offering with OTP as one factor and biometrics (either iris or fingerprint) as the second factor for authenticating residents.

Type 5 Authentication :
This offering allows service delivery agencies to use OTP, fingerprint & iris together for authenticating residents.

What Aadhaar authentication will not do?
1. Authentication against resident’s data on a smart card.
2. Return personal identity information of residents.
3. Remain restricted to broadband network
4. search for aadhaar based on details provided requiring 1:N match.

Frequently Asked Questions

I received an authentication notification even though I did not authenticate myself. Whom do I approach?
UIDAI contact information, call center number and e-mail Id are provided in the UIDAIā€™s notification email. You may contact UIDAI with the authentication details provided in the notification e-mail.

Is there a mechanism to notify the residents when an authentication occurs against their Aadhaar number?
UIDAI notifies the authentication on the registered email of the resident. Every time UIDAI receives a biometric or OTP based authentication request against an Aadhaar number, a notification is sent to the registered email address.

What are the benefits of Aadhaar authentication?
Aadhaar authentication provides an instant mechanism to prove your identity through online authentication. Therefore one need not carry any other ID proof except Aadhaar number.

When do I need to authenticate?
Various government schemes and private service providers such as PDS, NREGA, banks, telecom operators have adopted Aadhaar authentication for verification of their beneficiaries/customers. The authentication is generally done either at the time of delivery of benefits or subscribing to the service.

Do I need to authenticate with only my thumbs?
Aadhaar authentication can be achieved with any of the ten fingers.

How will I authenticate if my fingerprints are worn out / I have no fingers?
Service providers are advised to deploy alternate authentication mechanisms such as iris authentication, OTP authentication to handle such issues. Additionally, service provider may have other methods of verification of their beneficiaries.

Answered Questions

I am not getting OTP to my mobile number.
You should have mobile number which you have used during registration of aadhaar.

How many records can be viewed in single login?
Maximum of 50 entries can be viewed.

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